1. The following is the StoneColdJedi™ GIF Usage Policy for WrestlingForum.com Users
  2. (1) GIFs marked as created by and/or request of StoneColdJedi™ are to be recognized by the following:
  3. (a) saved and hosted on own image sharing account (Imageshack, Photobucket, etc.)of the user choosing
  4. to use it for own use as sig/avatar on WrestlingForum.com.
  5. (b) proper credit to StoneColdJedi™ (either full user handle or SCJ™) in the sig of said user deciding
  6. to use for own use as sig/avatar on WrestlingForum.com.
  7. I know this may seem a bit too formal, but I pay for my image sharing and like to have my skills recognized for others to see and possibly use--or request their own.
  8. I have no problem with users on the forum to use the GIFs I make. However, I just ask the formality of saving & rehosting on your own and giving credit to me. I take pride in my work, and I hope you respect my feelings on the use of my work.
  9. After that, it is all good. Enjoy my work!
  10. Sincerely,
  11. StoneColdJedi™
  12. WrestlingForum.com user
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