1. Metal cassettes
  2. Metal cassettes really are a stylish and practical choice for redecorating a building. The truth is, it is a metal composition with curved corners, it can be a independent, part substance of several geometric forms or metallic strips, up to 2-3 m long. An incredibly hassle-free material for organizing ventilated facades, which is why the demand for metal cassettes is continually expanding.
  3. This sort of cladding can be produced of various components - lightweight aluminum, stainless alloys, galvanized stainlesss steel, more infrequently - copper. On sale you can find painted panels in any colour. Here aluminum, for example, can not be painted, because the metal itself is quite attractive and is not afraid of external influences but. If we are talking about steel alloys, then most often the facade materials also have a polymer tread coating in order to increase the service life.
  4. The metal facade cassette, from no matter what substance it consists of, is quite practical and durable. Metal is not frightened of effects, does not deform beneath mechanical or fixed tons, fails to flex, will not break, will not burn from different varying weather conditions. This material is also really light, which means you can use it for prefabricated frame buildings or cladding of old buildings, where it is undesirable to put in considerable lots on surfaces or foundations. And also, this sort of cassette fails to shed, fails to rot, is not really impacted by unwanted organisms or mice, and it is not just a reproduction terrain for fungus or mold. These kinds of cladding fails to demand painstaking attention or typical upkeep, it is sufficient to monitor the entire beauty of your finish off along with the security from the outside protective coating. As you can imagine, such performance characteristics greatly increase consumer demand for metal cassettes!
  5. Does this materials have any disadvantages? Beautifying the walls of properties with your substance is quite high-priced. But, the expenses will more than pay back having a nice appearance and sturdiness.
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