1. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams v1.02 Update info:
  2. Christmas Special
  3. This patch will bring in both the Christmas and Halloween levels into your game, if youdon't have either of those levels already. Another interesting feature is that there is a new in-game menu with a Christmas theme that wii only be shown during Christmas. Happy holidays and have fun! :D. You can select this level under “Extras” in the main menu. Enjoy!
  4. Patch Notes for Version 1.0.2
  5. Gameplay
  6. - The dash has been reworked to be safer to use. It now gets extended if you are still hurtling towards an enemy at high speed.
  7. - More checkpoints and level tweaks, mostly in world 3.
  8. - Getting hit while shielded and twirling now allows you to do a new dash or twirl, just as if you had defeated an enemy.
  9. - Lowered the number of stars required to unlock a boss level from an average of 3 stars per level to 2.5 stars per level.
  10. - Each world now has stars of a different color to communicate that stars don’t carry over from world to world.
  11. Bugfixes
  12. - Jumping on enemies’ heads no longer has a slim chance of killing you unfairly and now is 100% safe.
  13. - The dash behaviour now is consistent across all framerates.
  14. - Bumpers trigger more reliably now.
  15. - Giana can no longer be pushed sideways into a moving box.
  16. - Fixed an issue where the gum bubble could automatically burst after a few seconds.
  17. - Rabbit projectiles now properly hit Giana if both are standing at the same height.
  18. - Giana no longer falls through trampolines if she is twirling.
  19. - Level 3.10 now has and counts the proper amount of master gems.
  20. - Giana now loses her shield on respawn if she gets crushed by a gate.
  21. - Fixed a graphical glitch with the Piercing Eye enemy.
  22. - Fixed minor interface/display issues.
  23. - Fixed minor SFX issues.
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