1. Artist.......: Ben Harper with Charlie Musselwhite
  2. Album........: Get Up!
  3. Label........: Universal
  4. Genre........: Rock
  5. Catnr........: 0888072342293
  6. Source.......: DVD (Ac3 2.0 Channels)
  7. Rip.date.....: 2013-01-31
  8. Str.date.....: 2013-01-29
  9. Quality......: 227kbps/48.0kHz/Joint Stereo
  10. Url..........: http://getup.benharper.com/
  11. track title time
  12. 1. I'm In I'm Out And I'm Gone 25:26
  13. (The Making Of Get Up!)
  14. 2. Don't Look Twice 3:03
  15. (The Machine Shop Session)
  16. 3. All That Matters Now 5:21
  17. (The Machine Shop Session)
  18. 4. You Found Another Lover (I Lost Another Friend) 4:20
  19. (The Machine Shop Session)
  20. Runtime 38:10
  21. Size 61.46
  22. Release Notes:
  23. This musical hookup between these two experienced roots artists who have more in
  24. common than it seems at first glance, is a natural evolution for both. Ben
  25. Harper seemed like an old soul, even when he began his career, dipping into
  26. classic R&B, gospel, and blues but spinning them through his dark, folk-funk
  27. persona. His work with the Blind Boys of Alabama showed him to be welcomed by
  28. veteran artists who clearly felt he was a kindred spirit. Harpist/guitarist
  29. Charlie Musselwhite's extensive rÚsumÚ typically moved him past the often
  30. limiting structure of the Chicago blues where he first made his presence felt,
  31. to Tex-Mex, Cuban, Americana, swamp rock, country, and even jazz. The two
  32. connected on a 1997 John Lee Hooker session and have worked together
  33. intermittently since, both live and in the studio. This outing, tellingly
  34. released on the Concord/Stax imprint, strips the sound down, occasionally to
  35. just acoustic guitar and harp as on the opening of "Don't Think Twice," and the
  36. closing deep Delta blues "All That Matters Now," reworked into "It Hurts Me
  37. Too." But the duo also plug in for tough, rugged blues and blues-rock as on the
  38. heart thumping "I'm in I'm Out and I'm Gone," a twist on David Bowie's "The Jene
  39. Genie" riff that itself was nabbed from the Chicago blues catalog. Even with
  40. Musselwhite's substantial involvement, this is Harper's show as he produces,
  41. sings every song, and seems to be leading the music's direction with the
  42. harmonica player urging him on and adding to the already deep groove. They dip
  43. into harder rocking territory for the charging "I Don't Believe a Word You Say"
  44. with Musselwhite pulling out his Little Walter influences with electrified
  45. blowing. The skeletal, ghostly, repeated riff of the deadly gunslinger "I Ride
  46. at Dawn" is a stark reminder of how less is more as Harper's slide enhances the
  47. dangerous elements reflected in the song's ominous lyrics. The six-minute title
  48. track -- the disc's longest cut -- is classic Harper, marrying a funky bassline
  49. with the declaration expressed in the song's title as Musselwhite takes a few
  50. licks from Paul Butterfield to edge the track into a laid-back red zone where
  51. the singer typically thrives. But the twosome have some fun, too, in particular
  52. on the spirited, easygoing, sexed-up blues "She Got Kick," one of the few
  53. instances where harmonica is not an integral component of the mix. Ultimately,
  54. Get Up! earns its titular exclamation point as a successful combination of two
  55. talented veterans feeding off each other's dusky, creative spirit.
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