1. Release notes for EZdrummer 2.2.1
  2. 01-21-2021
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  4. ..::BUG FIXES::..
  5. General
  6. - The audio rendering would freeze if several CC 120 (“all sound off”) MIDI events were received at once, which could happen for example when playback was stopped in Logic Pro X.
  7. - PreSonus ATOM pad controller should no longer switch to keyboard mode when connected to EZdrummer 2 in Studio One.
  8. Drums Tab
  9. - User kit presets were not saved correctly if they contained instruments from other sound libraries.
  10. - The silencing of the preview sound when the drum property window was closed would sometimes result in a click/pop.
  11. - In drum properties, if the EZX that was already selected got reselected, “None” became selected in the drum list and it said “None” on the preview pad.
  12. Song Track
  13. - Fixed an issue in MIDI files generated by dragging from the song track. It would in some cases not work well when imported to Studio One 2, for example.
  14. - The tooltips on a song blocks are created by dragging from the Browser are now again the short names from the browser, instead of the full browser paths.
  15. Browser Tab
  16. - The name of a MIDI file that is created by dragging from the Browser (for example to desktop or to User MIDI) no longer becomes a long string that describes where in the browser it came from, it now becomes the name that is shown in the browser (similar to how it was in version 2.1.8).
  17. Search Tab
  18. - The name of a MIDI file that is created by dragging from Search now becames the name that is shown in Search instead of the name that the file has in the Browser.
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  20. Release notes for EZdrummer 2.2.0
  21. 12-16-2020
  22. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. ..::CHANGES::..
  24. - The RTAS format has been removed.
  25. - Faster graphics on Mac, especially on Retina displays (when using a 10-bit color profile).
  26. - Bitmap interpolation has been turned off for Mac Retina displays, to make the graphics less blurry and to remove certain artifacts, for example horizontal lines in the browser.
  27. - MIDI dragged from Browser, Search or Song Creator now gets a “track name” (internal name) that reflects the browser path it came from. This can be seen as the MIDI block name in many DAWs.
  28. - Changed the font of the version in the interface.
  29. - Removed “(64-bit)” after the version in the interface on Mac, where it’s always 64-bit now.
  30. E-Drums
  31. - E-drum presets for ATV and Alesis Strike Pro have been added.
  32. - Updated some e-drum presets. Cymbal choking should now work better with Millennium, Alesis and 2off.
  33. Standalone
  34. - The standalone icon and the project icon have a new look.
  35. - On Mac in the audio device settings in the standalone, there is no longer a device type menu, since it always only contained “Core Audio.”
  36. ..::BUG FIXES::..
  37. General
  38. - The “Audio engine inactive” sign would appear too often in some hosts.
  39. - The “Audio engine inactive” sign getting shown no longer stops playback.
  40. - In Ableton Live, the VST no longer gets suspended when it has been quiet for a while and its GUI is closed.
  41. - Studio One should no longer crash if you drag MIDI from EZD2 to another plug-in.
  42. - To prevent crashes, Program Change and Bank Select MIDI messages are now ignored when a menu is open in EZD2 and when MIDI is being dragged out from EZD2.
  43. - On Windows, it should no longer crash if some unknown object type (not a file) is dragged to EZD2.
  44. - Selecting a library user preset did not uncheck items in factory preset submenus.
  45. - After loading a project that had a user preset selected, up/down preset arrows did not switch between user presets but factory presets, and Program Change messages also would incorrectly index factory presets.
  46. - Changing a drum to a drum from another library, recording MIDI with the new drum as power hand, saving and loading this project would not always bring back the correct articulations for the drum.
  47. - If a DAW would request less than 16 samples to be rendered, it could result in a sound glitch.
  48. - Files dragged from latest versions of Superior Drummer 3 or saved in User MIDI by Superior Drummer 3 were not read correctly by EZD2.
  49. - Some cymbals in Drums of Destruction EZX and Action! EZX were not panned to the correct side.
  50. - Fixed a crash that could happen if you selected a different library preset while one was still being loaded.
  51. - Fixed some memory leaks on Mac.
  52. Drums Tab
  53. - The percussion pictures were not updated when a library preset was loaded.
  54. - Previewing drums within the same library would sometimes use the wrong envelope.
  55. - Closing the drum property window now also stops any ringing preview sound.
  56. - The drum property window is now closed by Program Change MIDI messages. Before it would crash if you clicked in the instrument list after a Program Change.
  57. Song Track
  58. - After shortening a song block, saving and loading the project or undoing/redoing could change the power hand and label of the block.
  59. - Exporting shortened song blocks could result in some note off events not getting included in the MIDI. When such MIDI was imported to certain DAWs, some drum hits could get omitted/lost.
  60. - Using the song block context menu to remove (with “Remove Notes”) or replace all notes (using “Paste”) for a percussion pad in a song block should no longer crash.
  61. - Removing or replacing all notes for a percussion instrument in a song block should no longer crash.
  62. - Note offs could be missing from MIDI exported from song blocks that had been resized.
  63. - The first MIDI note to be recorded would sometimes not get recorded or would sometimes not be shown until the the recording ended.
  64. - The red recording block would sometimes be shown starting slightly later than when the recording actually began.
  65. - “Un-Mute” has been changed to “Unmute” (in the song block context menu).
  66. - A song block created by dropping a external MIDI file on the song track would sometimes not get snapped to the grid.
  67. - The drop block symbol on the track did not reflect the length of a MIDI file that had been dragged in from outside EZD2.
  68. - Dragging out MIDI from the song track before the MIDI database has been successfully opened should no longer crash.
  69. - “Export Song as WAVE File” will no longer result in a crash if the output file can’t be opened.
  70. - The MIDI file created when you drag from the song track out from EZD2 no longer contains any meta text, so that it works better to drag to Logic Pro X 10.6+ and GarageBand 10.4+ (an extra track would be created just for the meta text and the notes were placed on another track).
  71. Edit Play Style
  72. - In Edit Play Style, the articulation menus for Power Hand and Opening Hit were for most instruments listed in reverse order. A side-effect was that if you moved a disabled Opening Hit sign to an instrument and held until the menu opened, the articulation changed in that moment (from the one that was listed last to the one that was listed first).
  73. - Dragging the Power Hand sign to an instrument whose first articulation is not MIDI-mapped, for example the cajon in Latin Percussion EZX, no longer causes a crash. Also, Opening Hit didn’t work well with such instruments.
  74. - If the power hand of a song block is not found when changing libraries, the block now gets reanalyzed for a new power hand.
  75. Song Creator
  76. - Fixed a crash that could occur when certain MIDI files were loaded in Song Creator.
  77. E-Drums
  78. - The velocity of incoming channel aftertouch could incorrectly get modified by note transformations in e-drum presets.
  79. Mixer
  80. - Right-clicking a level fader could sometimes make it disappear until the context menu was closed.
  81. - The output volume and effects state of Output 1 would sometimes become wrong when a preset or project got loaded and any mixer channel had an output other than 1.
  82. - Setting the output of a channel to something other than 1 would in some cases (in Modern Metal EZX) cause the volume of Output 1 to become wrong.

EZdrummer v2.2.1 AAX VSTi RTAS STANDALONE x86 x64 WiN CE-V.R

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