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  3. Handball 16
  4. Region : Region Free Languages: ENG
  5. Size : 1 DVD Genre : Sports
  6. Platform : XBOX 360 Date : 11/2015
  7. Release Info:
  8. All 62 official teams from the four biggest European leagues in the first
  9. next-generation handball simulation! Enjoy an improved and intuitive system
  10. with nearly 30 tactics for attacking and defending. Take full advantage of
  11. the Handball 16 experience thanks to its fluid gameplay and next-generation
  12. graphics for even more immersion and realism.
  13. Three different game modes:
  14. -Quick match: take on the AI or your friends in friendly online and
  15. local matches.
  16. -Season mode: compete in the most prestigious national leagues and
  17. lead your team to victory.
  18. -Career mode: create your player, manage your development and
  19. challenge your friends.
  20. -Online 1-on-1 multiplayer mode.
  21. Choose from among the 62 official teams of the four biggest
  22. European first divisions: the LNH (France), the DKB Handball
  23. Bundesliga (Germany), the Liga Asobal (Spain) and the Boxer Herreligaen (Denmark)
  24. Use all the real handball moves and tactics: the spin shot,
  25. the ├Žkempa' trick and a huge variety of tactics and realistic moves
  26. Experience the intensity of a real match with play-by-play coverage
  27. by handball experts.
  28. Notes:
  29. Enjoy This Fine COMPLEX Release
  30. bmx!
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