1. An easy guide to category of all type of socks
  2. Socks is a general term. According to the raw materials, there are: cotton yarn socks, woollen socks, silk stockings and also different chemical fiber socks; according to the form, there are: watercraft socks, short socks (two bones), tube socks, knee socks (Three-bone socks), stockings (four-bone/ thigh socks), two-toed socks, five-toed socks, etc. According to the use of things: guys s socks, ladies s socks, children s socks, and also elderly socks. Next, we will certainly describe to you according to the shape of the socks, so that you can have a much deeper understanding of the sorts of socks.
  3. Watercraft Socks
  4. Watercraft socks are extremely short socks, so brief that the socks can not be seen after using the footwear (or only the edges of the socks are seen). The name watercraft socks is because the form of the socks is like a boat, because the length is as long as the ankle. Therefore, they are additionally called ankle socks, watercraft socks, and very socks In Taiwan, they are mostly called unnoticeable socks Watercraft socks are typically divided into 3 types: ultra-light versions with high heels or single shoes, medium-light versions with peasy footwear, as well as low-light versions with sporting activities footwear.
  5. Short socks
  6. Brief socks are a sort of sock with the length of the sock body to the ankle. When worn, it wraps the whole or half of the ankle joint to decrease the rubbing between the feet as well as the shoes, maintain the feet cozy, and absorb sweat. Brief socks are used when wearing shoes that cover the entire ankle joint, such as sneakers, boots, as well as natural leather shoes.
  7. Mid-tube socks
  8. Mid-tube sock is a sock with a body length of 5 to 10 cm above the ankle joint. It is longer than short socks, which can much better maintain the temperature level of the feet and take in sweat. The majority of the mid-tube socks are worn with high-top shoes, such as high-top tennis shoes, short boots, brief natural leather footwear, and so on. With the rise in styles of mid-tube socks, as a prominent match, they are put on during a growing number of celebrations.
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  10. High socks
  11. High socks are a sort of socks with a body size of 10-20 centimeters over the ankle. They are much longer than middle knee sock, about to the calf bone. They are mostly utilized to maintain cozy as well as shield the legs. They are often worn in fall and winter season.
  12. Knee socks
  13. Knee-length socks are a kind of socks that reach the knee or less than the knee, as well as are conventional tools for institution attires in numerous areas. A couple of school guidelines stipulate that no matter whether boys or girls are matched with trainee uniforms, a lot of them are cotton knee socks, mostly in dark shades (such as black, dark blue) and also white, depending upon the school guidelines or college spirit.
  14. Over-knee socks/ upper leg socks
  15. Over-knee socks are socks whose length is in between the knees as well as thighs. Over-knee socks are frequently utilized in retro design and Japanese fashion. If your calf is as well thick, it is best not to select over-knee stockings, which will cause your leg shape issues revealed. Due to the prevalence of old-fashioned design, Over-knee socks have actually become a prominent fad. Mix as well as suit in very early autumn, the status of over-knee socks can not be disregarded.
  16. Five-toed socks
  17. . Five-toed socks are likewise a type of socks. There is a style to place on the toes individually, as well as each toe is divided after putting on. Five-toed socks are also called five-finger socks and toe socks. The most effective component of five-toed socks is its thermal insulation result. According to experiments, the temperature level of the feet wearing five-toed socks and also the feet wearing normal socks are totally various after a whole day; and separating the toes is practical for health and wellness and can avoid bacterial infection. When the weather condition is chilly, then placed on warm and cute five-toed socks to look after your feet after a difficult day. There are even more individuals with sweaty feet. Using five-toed socks, the socks can suck sweat from your toes, as opposed to staying in between the toes.
  18. Bubble socks.
  19. Bubble socks, likewise known as elephant socks, are a type of socks popular among Japanese senior high school and junior high school ladies. Stemmed from the English loosened socks, it is called because it uses freely on the feet and appears like it diminishes.
  20. Pantyhose
  21. Pantyhose, additionally known as panty-hose, leggings or stockings, is clothing that securely covers the body from the waist to the feet. Presently, many pantyhose are developed for ladies to wear, and also some are used by men. Like stockings, there are several products, such as core-spun silk, velour, cotton, nylon, as well as wool blends. Pantyhose appeared in the 1960s and also ended up being an additional optional lower body garment for stockings. Pantyhose created for women to put on is normally positioned to show the elegance of females s feet, which is typically not discovered in pantyhose created for men. According to the various placements, it can be divided right into: T pantyhose, bikini pantyhose, plus pantyhose, neutral pantyhose, expectant female plus pantyhose and pantyhose; according to the difference of the feet, Is separated right into: open-toe pantyhose, heel pantyhose, nine-point pantyhose
  22. Suspender pantyhose.
  23. https://jycywy.com/ contains two parts, thigh socks as well as garter belt. The garter belt is tied on the thigh socks with a ribbon or rubber band, and also the upper end is linked at the edge of the waist to stop the upper leg socks from sliding off.
  24. Body stockings/ one-piece stockings
  25. The so-called one-piece stockings are a type of silk stockings wrapped up with the body. It is a kind of attractive stockings. Currently, just a few significant sexual undergarments producers have actually introduced them. There are 2 major types of one-piece stockings according to the material. One is the typical one-piece stockings., there is likewise a one-piece fishnet stockings.


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