1. Update v1.0.15:
  2. add new easy sandbox mode (previous easy is now normal)
  3. add new sandbox leaderboard
  4. add income from evacuated population
  5. scale repair rates by sandbox difficulty for drones
  6. scale debris harvest rates by sandbox difficulty for drones
  7. scale damage and target count rates by sandbox difficulty for space pirate attacks
  8. scale damage by sandbox difficulty for meteor showers
  9. scale size by sandbox difficulty for electrical storms
  10. remove commas in screen resolutions
  11. add some plumbing for differentiating campaign mission difficulty
  12. fix Nodj AI being able to build multiple buildings on the same space
  13. fix non-English mission titles overrunning the edge of the screen
  14. Update v1.0.14:
  15. add icon to 'in progress' window when restarting level
  16. add Unreal Engine logo to credits
  17. fix security scan not appearing in tutorial 2
  18. fix music not changing and Holo Assistant warning not appearing for some events
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