1. CHANGES IN v1.1.10
  2. New:
  3. > This is "old," really. We have added the sample preview button back in. It is now on the front panel, and is a toggle button with a "play" icon, immediately to the right of the sample clear button. We've also moved these buttons a little further apart, mainly to account for sausage fingers in iOS.
  4. Fixes:
  5. > Glitchy FEG operation when tempo synced has been fixed.
  6. > In the "short" panel view in iOS Garageband, on the larger devices (11" and 12.9") the panel wasn't entirely filled with the background color. This has been fixed.
  7. Notes
  8. Also is included is the free extra contain
  9. Hainbach - Lab Grains (25mb .zip)
  10. Berlin-based electronic music composer Hainbach created these twenty patches for Quanta using samples sourced from his wall of test equipment, covering both the dark and foreboding soundscapes and the light and airy dynamism he is known for. Watch this excellent video that he made of the process.
  11. Audio Damge - Organico (27mb .zip)
  12. Organico is a selection of presets for Quanta using electro-acoustic instrumentation as the source material. From xylophone to various other idiophones to a vintage Rhodes, recorded with condenser microphones and contact mics, Organico pays homage to the source material while imagining new soundscapes.

CHANGES IN v1.1.10

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