1. S K I D R O W
  2. .the leading force.
  3. proudly presents
  4. Party of Sin (c) Crankshaft Games
  5. 21-12-2012......Release Date <-> Protection...............Nothing
  6. Action.............Game Type <-> Disk(s)....................1 DVD
  8. Ever had that itching desire to break out of hell and into the highest
  9. reaches of heaven? In Party of Sin, you take control of the Seven
  10. Deadly Sins in a coopetitive puzzle-platformer for 1-4 players on PC.
  11. Master a large, dynamic team of anti-heroes -- the Seven Deadly Sins --
  12. as you forge your destiny on a quest to troll humanity. Envy, Greed,
  13. Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony are all multi-dimensional with
  14. special powers useful in many situations.
  15. Swap characters on the fly as you change tactics based on the
  16. situation: ALL the Sins are useful in combat, ALL the Sins aid in
  17. puzzle solving, and ALL the Sins have coop interactions, both Good and
  18. Evil.
  19. Play alone or with up to 3 of your friends and combine the sin powers
  20. in new and sinister ways. You will discover that all your powers that
  21. work on enemies also work on other sins. Use them to help the team or
  22. punish bad behaviour.
  23. Explore four biblical worlds as you make your way from the depths of
  24. Hell to the vaults of Heaven, one angel at a time. Fight enemies based
  25. in Christian mythology like demons, angels, cherubs and templars. Take
  26. the final fight to Saint-Michael himself!
  28. 1. Unpack the release
  29. 2. Mount or burn image
  30. 3. Install
  31. 4. Block the game in your firewall if needed
  32. 5. Play the game
  33. 6. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!
  35. To all friends of the family and honorable rival groups!
  36. ascii art by the
  37. godlike & terrific duo
  38. malodix + irokos
  39. titan artdivision
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