1. Update v1.02:
  2. Adjusted prices on trawlers
  3. Adjusted trawling net capacity
  4. Adjusted storage capacity on trawlers
  5. Adjusted prices on storage upgrades
  6. Adjusted fish prices and weight thresholds
  7. Fixes issues with net hauling crashing on Vibeke Cathrin
  8. Fixed Steam achievements for ships
  9. Fixed Fish achivements to be more accurate
  10. Fixed drifting on Sjarken and tuned other boats to drive straight
  11. Fixed issue with key bindings
  12. Fixed bug with splash emitters not turning off correctly
  13. Fixed fill sonar on Scanmar catch sensors
  14. Reduced required distance for certificates
  15. Removed cheats
  16. Updated collision on Sjarken, Vibeke Cathrin, Lunar Bow and Hermes
  17. Updated fish box on Børge with new model
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