1. Hotone apps have serious flaw in the protection scheme that 32bit & 64bit
  2. has different internal challenge code. It means one activation kills other
  3. platform. The file ID of system folder is used for challenge code generation
  4. but 32bit & 64bit does not refer the same folder.
  5. On 64bit Windows OS, due to the WOW64 redirects,
  6. 32bit uses : C:\Windows\SysWOW64
  7. 64bit uses : C:\Windows\System32
  8. This mistake is also done by 112dB Mikron plugin.
  9. Also to mention, the file ID of those system directory can be changed by
  10. upgrading of Windows (Incl. Windows 10 Season Update). They really need to
  11. refresh their protection scheme.
  12. FIXED:
  13. New keygen supports both x86/x64 authorization. Let's hope developer also
  14. fix those bad coded activation scheme and support offline activation :)

VStomp Amp v1.1.0 x86 x64 FiXED READ NFO WiN-R2R

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