1. English
  3. The new patch was released on 20/12/2012!!
  4. <Details of patch 1.03>
  5. The below changes were made following customer requests
  6. All Modes
  7. Regulation of player form were amended
  8. Matches
  9. Player movement was amended
  10. Widget
  11. Users are now able to switch cursors between multiple players when playing Multi-player Free Matches.
  12. (Please enable "Cursor Switching" in General match Settings)
  13. The below issues were fixed
  14. Master League Online
  15. If a user tries to play Master League Online and other one player online modes after playing a 2 vs. 2 ranking match, they had to delete the guest user in order for matchmaking to take place.
  16. Community
  17. Sometimes, COM controlled players could not be substituted during Inter Community Matches.
  18. Other adjustments have been made to make all modes a better gaming experience for our customers.
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