1. bonito flakes are toxic to cats animals and people they smoke the fish and the smoking causes cancer in pets and people tell people everywhere online facebook word of mouth chatroom bonito flakes is toxic and not worth buying it cosmic my cat ate some yesterday and threw it up avoid it dont believe the hype it healthy for cats it isnt
  2. this is the product the americans are buying it cheap from japan and selling it on amazon for vast profits knowing it killing cats with cancer through the smoking method of the fish
  3. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00271FK5A/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. another product to avoid is innocent cat treats based in yorkshire cosmic sniffed them and dint eat them they are too rubbery the ystate it is air dried it isnt is being treated with some chemical shit if you air dry something mold or fungus should grow on it unless you spray it with something only chemicals or some sort would prevent that from happening
  5. i emailed them asking what they put on the cat treats when the yair dryed it they never replyed back so to me it either chemical shit they are putting on it or it imported from china cheap import rubbish
  6. this is the company avoid it dont buy from there or there products spread the word online through chatrooms facebook and email and word of mouth
  7. the packets looks the same as the brands in morrisons dried treats tuna and salmon so it not a independant company its imported from china rubbish
  8. https://theinnocentpet.co.uk/
  9. buy from untamed catfood from london he a good guy called lenny and a good cat lover who care about cats he says he gonna make pure meat cat biscuits in the new year and make new recipes untamed catfood is good not recoomended if you got a cat old aged or a sensitive stomache like cosmic has
  10. best cat meat for that is thrive cat treats chopped up in harringtons original gravy chicken and salmon cosmic has never been sick on that yet
  11. purina catfood is good dont listen to what you hear about them but avoid felix catfood that making cats ill
  12. also another thing guys and girls dont buy packeted cooked meat from morrisons it left over stale meat from the meat counter they cant sell cosmic ate it for first day second day she doesnt touch it at all cats smells things through there noses if it smells off they wont touch it
  13. also morrisons leave there milk out in the bay all day instead of straight to fridge from lorry straight away and it goes off in the fridge after a few days beofre exdpire date because they are being greedy they are cutting back on staff to do the job properly
  14. i done my bit and done my research before i decided to post it on rlsbb have fun spread the word and give cats what they deserve proper food!!!
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