1. Prestigious cost-free real estate investment posting support
  2. Dac Dia Residence (Nhadacdia.com) is a of your Phu Put up Production Co., Ltd. dedicated to providing cost-free real estate property posting solutions including: sell, Buy, rent and lease transfer. Cheap real estate investment, please come to us to be involved in the professional selling and buying process, if you are looking for real estate in Vung Tau.
  3. Prestigious expenditure property
  4. Dac Dia Home is an intermediary device attaching sellers, buyers and tenants, renting about the theory of equality, transparency, dealings on the theory of voluntary and coverage on such basis as legislation.
  5. Those planning to promote can submit on our site without having an accounts. Extremely easy and simple.
  6. Perform not take part during this process of discussing, pricing products, not engaged in the deal procedure for sellers, lessors and buyersrenters and buyers. We are only a trustworthy intermediary that hooks up people that want to promote and people who want to purchase jointly.
  7. The parties working in the property transaction and hire deals should personal-evaluation and be responsible for all private information, real estate and real estate providers when engaging in the financial transaction.
  8. The poster need to carry all accountability to the content material submitted on Nhadacdia.com. In the event a complaint arises, the poster is accountable for supplying documents certifying information and facts relevant to the dubious accident, issue to Nhadacdia.com along with the complainant. In all cases, the Marketer is responsible for resolving all boasts made by the claimant in terms of real-estate as well as its linked real estate providers (if any).
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