1. A witch says,
  2. Enjoy the full licensing emulation of TASQ.IM authorization server!
  3. Our emulator is less than 10KB, it will be loaded instead of WININET DLL file only for this plugin.
  4. Faster, Cleaner, Safer
  5. ---------------------------------------
  6. Solo has serious issue which crashes plugin while loading presets.
  7. Here is what is happening :
  8. 1. Solo gets TEMP folder by calling GetTempPathW.
  9. 2. Solo tries removing ALL FILES AND FOLDERS in TEMP folder. If there were nothing in TEMP, TEMP folder will be also removed.
  10. 3. Solo extracts samples to TEMP while loading presets. If TEMP is removed by step(2), it crashes!
  11. We fixed this bug by code injection and emulator. Your TEMP folder is safe now.
  12. No crashes will happen by that glitch.
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