1. ADVN Singapore: A 7-phase process to accomplish custom application design
  2. Catching up with the incorporation trend, ADVN Organization would like to go with enterprises to construct good quality mobile applications with a expert procedure of 7 actions to complete the venture.
  3. The 7 actions incorporate:
  4. Step One. Get client require:
  5. According to those requirements, after receiving the application design request, you will now make the necessary requirements for ADVN to proceed to write the application.
  6. For layouts, colors and example simple capabilities necessary, and many others.
  7. Step 2. Company examination:
  8. The developers will basic in your needs to supply organization assessment, put together the required work and counsel you how the interface and features work, then provide the specific method to run the mobile application.
  9. Step Three. Agreement setup:
  10. Carry out contract enforcement on the fee for iphone app design in accordance with the earlier demands.
  11. Phase 4. Design the program:
  12. Designer will design the graphical user interface with pictures upfront for you to see. Then go through the modifying actions as you want up until you are happy.
  13. <img src="https://engma.com.vn/ckfinder/userfiles/images/News/dich-vu-thiet-ke-app-android-theo-yeu-cau-01.png" />
  14. Move 5. Encoding the rule:
  15. Depending on the created interface, the programmers will design the application with programming code to complete the application.
  16. Step 6. Quality Check:
  17. Following completing the application, ADVN will examination the functions and easy operations on numerous telephones, as well as exchange the iphone app for you to analyze simultaneously.
  18. Stage 7. Passing across the merchandise:
  19. After a comprehensive top quality check, ADVN will move all supply and application control privileges to you. In the time period of using the mobile app, you may obtain totally free tech support.
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