1. Sleeping Dogs v1.7 Update info:
  2. This update closely mirrors that of the recent console update and adds support for the Nightmare in North Point DLC in addition to several bug fixes and a few new features.
  3. Feature Updates
  4. - Aim-assist Option - A new option exists in the Game & Controls menu to enable/disable the auto-aim feature that assists the player in locking onto enemies while using guns.
  5. - .40Cal Gun Unlock - Upon completing the main story missions and returning to any safehouse, the Golden .40Cal pistol will be available.
  6. - Increased Daytime - Daytime should now last noticeably longer, but night time duration should remain the same (increasingly the real-time duration of the in-game 24hr cycle).
  7. - Disable GPS Arrows Option - A new option exists in the Game & Controls menu to disable the in-world GPS arrows that indicate where to turn when navigating to a destination.
  8. - In-game DLC Store Access - Wherever the user can see the infoticker while in-game (wardrobe, clothing & vehicle stores, garage, pause menu) there will be a button callout to open the Steam DLC store in-game.
  9. - New Super-SWAT Outfit and Supercharged Police Cruiser unlocks – For owners of the Police Protection Pack, the Super-SWAT outfit and the supercharged police cruiser vehicle will become available. Owners of the Dragon Master Pack will receive this as well.
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