1. Astoria Coffee Machine Is the winner German Design Prize 2019 - Award Identified in a International Levels
  2. Astoria coffee machines are considered the end result, the quintessence of creativeness and frequent growth. This product was created by Adriano Layout - one of the most famous design and style studios in France. Champion of your German Design and style Prize 2019, one of the most esteemed and around the world accepted awards in the area of business design and style.
  3. What outstanding functions does the Astoria coffee machine obtain that are really appreciated by specialists?
  4. - Allows baristas to maintain and adjust an best gourmet coffee producing account (profile) because of pre-controlling temperature and pressure while in extraction making some coffees with uniform flavoring at various locations. diverse occasions.
  5. <img src="http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1497/6734/products/Astoria_PERLA_1Grp_Espresso_Machine_Automatic_-_square_grande.gif?v=1493439691" />
  6. - Free of moisture Heavy steam with sophisticated technological innovation “Cool Touch” provides baristas that are enthusiastic about latte artwork enough place to produce their own personal latte craft technique.
  7. - The cabability to immediately adjust the ideal temperatures, improving the barista to manage the temp when preparing for any stable coffee.
  8. - GreenLine technologies in Astoria Hurricane FRC decreases vitality consumption by up to 47Percent in comparison with equipment of comparable capability. Simultaneously, the device can automatically “Stand by” during away from-top working hrs.
  9. The device is proper for virtually any dispensing place within a classic sophisticated style.
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