1. Container Partner Company
  2. Container Partner Company - 11 numerous years of productive job in the market of rail and sea containers with agent offices in 11 places of the European Federation. The plethora of providers includes the transaction of new and used types with shipping for the locations.
  3. Crucial options that come with the business
  4. A range of sea containers in the inventory of the firm, our company is wide open for each buyer, you can always personally visit the terminal and check out the container with this agent.
  5. Strategy to every client, we are going to take into account all methods and conditions of delivery and payment.
  6. Before purchasing a compartment, the supervisor offers you true photos, and you could opt for and book the compartment you prefer.
  7. Organization transparency and openness - Authorized responsibility of the company symbolized with the Chief executive officer, protection from fraud, assurance from the result
  8. High quality assurance - Probability of change or come back of a pot, the health of which will not meet the criteria set frontward
  9. Customer satisfaction is vital irrespective of how tiny or huge your client, regardless of whether the requirements are for new or used containers, box adaptations and conversions or repairs.
  10. With depots in a number of places throughout the nation we could get your compartment to you personally as soon as possible.
  11. For details about www.ekaterinburg.container-partner.ru see this useful web portal.