1. root@stealth:~# su - saned -s /bin/bash
  2. No directory, logging in with HOME=/
  3. saned@stealth:/$ sane-find-scanner
  4. # sane-find-scanner will now attempt to detect your scanner. If the
  5. # result is different from what you expected, first make sure your
  6. # scanner is powered up and properly connected to your computer.
  7. # No SCSI scanners found. If you expected something different, make sure that
  8. # you have loaded a kernel SCSI driver for your SCSI adapter.
  9. # Also you need support for SCSI Generic (sg) in your operating system.
  10. # If using Linux, try "modprobe sg".
  11. found USB scanner (vendor=0x03f0 [HP], product=0x2504 [Deskjet F4200 series]) at libusb:001:004
  12. could not open USB device 0x0424/0xec00 at 001:003: Access denied (insufficient permissions)
  13. could not open USB device 0x0424/0x9512 at 001:002: Access denied (insufficient permissions)
  14. could not open USB device 0x1d6b/0x0002 at 001:001: Access denied (insufficient permissions)
  15. # Your USB scanner was (probably) detected. It may or may not be supported by
  16. # SANE. Try scanimage -L and read the backend's manpage.
  17. # Not checking for parallel port scanners.
  18. # Most Scanners connected to the parallel port or other proprietary ports
  19. # can't be detected by this program.
  20. # You may want to run this program as root to find all devices. Once you
  21. # found the scanner devices, be sure to adjust access permissions as
  22. # necessary.
  23. saned@stealth:/$ id
  24. uid=105(saned) gid=108(saned) groups=108(saned),7(lp),107(scanner)

in user sane , and with group 'lp', and I can't run 'sane-find-scanner', completly..

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