1. t h e c r a c k e r s o f [rAD!s]
  2. p r e s e n t t h e 3 0 k - c o l l e c t i o n
  3. Tales from the Dragon Mountain - The Strix v1.3.0 *CRACKED*
  4. Cracked by: symmetry Release-Name: CR-GDF__.ZIP
  5. Supplied: CORE Release-Date: 2013/10/14
  6. Packaged: Bergelmir Release-Type: Game
  7. Protection: DRM+Custom OS: MacOSX
  8. Crack/SN: Patch Language: Multilingual
  9. Rating: [You decide!] Disks: 81: DESCRiPTiON: Mina's dreams about her grandmother Kate have become unbearable
  10. nightmares. Haunted by one dream of the grandma?s house in flames
  11. Mina takes a trip to her family's estate in Pozoj. And so began
  12. what turned into the greatest adventure of her life! Join Mina
  13. searching Pozoj, solving dozens of puzzles, and meeting mythical
  14. creatures. Defeat the evil spirit called Strix in Tales from the
  15. Dragon Mountain: The Strix, a fun Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure
  16. game!
  17. Languages: DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, JA, KO, PT, RU, ZH, ZH, ZH: iNSTALL/REGiSTER NOTES: Unpack and enjoy
  18. Thanks for choosing
  19. (C)hallenge (O)f (R)everse (E)ngineering!: CORE NEWS AND iNFOS: not available
  20. lAYOUt & hEADER bY. [rAD!s]
  21. nfO UPdATED ON [2012/01/03]
  22. (c) C.O.R.E. 2 0 1 3