1. Uses of kraft paper in your life
  2. Bright white kraft paper
  3. Typically employed to make white kraft paper hand bags or any other vibrant kraft paper luggage when dyed, devoted to keeping high-class and stylish goods in clothing and cosmetic shops, ...
  4. Accustomed to retail store dried out meals such asbread and nuts, whole grain cereal
  5. Brown kraft paper
  6. Dark brown kraft paper is commonly used more broadly due to its warm and friendly shades and less filthy, like:
  7. Employed to produce all kinds of product packaging such asenvelopes and bags, wrapping paper, liner, ...
  8. Higher-high quality, dense paper is utilized to help make label charge cards, garments tags.
  9. Some sorts are being used as envelopes, data file handles, and so on.
  10. Reuse into all kinds of university paper, paper for cartons, ...
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