1. The biggest improvement of the update is the inclusion of football shirts for the Regionalliga, as well as a number of new licensed badges for teams such as Napoli and various Brazilian teams.
  2. There are over 100 improvements to be implemented in total—in particular, the Windows 8 problem has been fixed (the game will now work with the last Windows 8 update) and the crash that would occur when a user launched the game via the Origin pop-up. Here are some of the further fixes:
  3. -The buyback option is now correctly updated
  4. -Text mode bug is now fixed: players with red cards are now really out of the game
  5. -The crash in text mode when holding a player is fixed
  6. -Watching other games now works again
  7. -Mutually exclusive personal goals have been eliminated
  8. -Endless tables from the 3. Liga are now displayed correctly on the Club Details screen
  9. -Live season:
  10. o all players already in the league can be further nominated;
  11. ostatistics have been corrected when a player has played in two leagues;
  12. oerrors affecting increases and decreases, tickets and sponsorship money have been corrected;
  13. othe database start date issue has been resolved.
  14. -Online features are also now accessible in Live Season mode
  15. -Employee pictures can now incorporated as in the workshop description
  16. -Massage now work in the 3D game
  17. -The Origin manual now works
  18. -Unreasonably high dividends for clubs at the end of the season or when given by a sponsor have been cancelled.
  19. -Transfer errors by the end of the week have been corrected, as well as the July 2020 bug, via a substantial increase in overall stability
  20. -The issue of a 1-day recovery after a bad injury has been resolved
  21. -Junior team player preferences are now carried over wherever possible when a player has been moved to the first team
  22. -The correct numbers of goals in a competition are now displayed in the 3D game
  23. -Tactical settings are no longer lost after use of a lineup assistant
  24. -Tactical setting notices for passing now function correctly
  25. -Junior team players are now easier to sign (default setting improved)
  26. -Pictures of cities are now shown in the editor
  27. -Evaluation of the previous season now correct (stars)
  28. -Your own contract negotiations can now be broken off
  29. Until recently, the readability of the small fonts with the new higher resolution modes has remained a major issue, especially on laptops. Unfortunately, we could not do anything about the size of the font, because the whole game is designed to function at this new resolution. However we have optimized font rendering, which will give tangibly better results.
  30. Additionally the update contains extensive database revisions:
  31. 408 player level increases
  32. 273 player level decreases
  33. 74 talent increases
  34. 41 talent decreases
  35. In total, over 1000 changes have been made to the database.
  36. Just 408 players across the world received a level increase in comparison to their level in update 1.
  37. Internationally, there are two strikers who have been playing great in their respective leagues that have been distinguished above all others.
  38. One the one hand, we have Stephan El Shaarawy, the young Italian who has scored 12 goals in 15 appearances for AC Milan and has made his debut for the Italian national team. His level has increased by two points to 76; if his performance remains just as strong, a further increase looks likely.
  39. Striker number two has delighted almost the entire world with his spectacular overhead kick. We are obviously referring to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who has proven his extraordinary talent once again this season. In just 12 games he has scored 13 goals in the French Ligue 1. His level has increased by one point, reaching the level of 86.
  40. As for the Bundesliga, there are two players from Dortmund worth noting, who both played a large part in the BVB qualifying undefeated from their immensely difficult Champions League group. Mario Götze has received one level point, reaching the level of 80, and his friend and teammate Marco Reus has also received an increase and reached the level of 79.
  41. Dante of Bayern Munich has earned a point and reached the level of 77. The reinvigorated Diego has also won a point for Wolfsburg, and now has level 77 points altogether. I believe this to be insufficient, but I’ll have to negotiate this with the database department again later. The Mainz striker Adam Szalai has also increased his level 73.
  42. The number of decreases in level was less at 273, but the players that received these are thus all the more conspicuous.
  43. For example, John Terry has lost 3 points and now has the level of 81. It hasn’t gone much better for fellow center back Lucio. The Brazilian, who now plays for Juventus, has lost 2 points, reaching the level of 78.
  44. In the Bundesliga, Arjen Robben has suffered a loss of one point because of his numerous injuries; his level is now 84. Renato Augusto and Ivan Persic have also lost a point each, and now both have the level of 75. Even Szabolcs Huszti could not maintain his excellent performance that marked the beginning of the season and, as a result, has suffered a loss of a point, leaving him at 74. Rhere is currently one big loser in Bremen. The team is performing well, but Ekici has hardly played at all (a mere 28 minutes in the first game of the season), so he has lost a point and gone to 71.
  45. There were also changes for the talent values with a total of 74 players receiving an increase in talent.
  46. The German gem in the Arsenal ranks, Serge Gnabry, has earned a jump from 7 to 8 talent stars, which makes him one of the hottest transfer tips in FM13. Lukas Piszczek from German champions Borussia Dortmund has also made his way to 8 stars. There has been a lot of demand for this increase in the forums. Finally, to round off the talent increases, we have a hot tip for you from France: Lucas Digne, the 19-year-old left-back who plays for Lille, has also made the jump to 8 stars. The biggest clubs in Europe are lining up to get him, but maybe you can snatch up this bargain in FIFA Manager.
  47. Finally, we come to the total of 41 talent changes that are losses. The most famous victims are Karim Benzema and Edin Dzeko, who have each lost a point and now only have 8 stars each. In Germany, Marcus Berg had to give up one of his 7 stars, and now only has 6.
  48. While the update contains 973 family tie entries, internally we have already passed the magic threshold of 1000. Bothers Manuel and Frank Stark from Pfullendorf ensured that we crossed that milestone.
  49. That is it for today. Now all we ask for is a little more patience—and we wish you all lots of fun with the new version!
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