1. 2206.3,2215389,NX closes while trying to close an imported part,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,PHYS_PROP_TABLE
  2. 2206.3,8469559,Error - A dimension subscript for an array attribute was out of range or invalid,SYSENG,DISPLAY,LINE_FONTS
  3. 2206.3,8497835,Copy Template as new design fail with Use Clone Assembly method,RSD_GENERAL,PART,EDIT_POS_METHOD
  4. 2206.3,8601743,Edit Post View with User Def CSYS - Wrong Arrow Display,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_DISPLAY
  5. 2206.3,8601744,NFR arrow display with user defined CSYS,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_DISPLAY
  6. 2206.3,8601770,Step files are not imported correctly into NX,TRANSLATOR,STEP_AP203,IMPORT_GEOMETRY
  7. 2206.3,8604145,need support support materiel handling from one disk to another effectively,MECHATRONICS,PROCEDURE,BOND_ZONE
  8. 2206.3,9820229,'Export Image' type 'Region' doesn't function properly,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_RESULT
  9. 2206.3,9884568,Export Image with Region based doesn't work on Post Processing,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_RESULT
  10. 2206.3,9921099,Export Image -type as region didn't work in post processing - for E.g contour,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_OTHER
  11. 2206.3,9995762,Selection Problem when Selection Filter Component is used,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POLYGON_SELECTN
  12. 2206.3,10020964,"Export Image with Region works incorrectly in Postprocessing, conflict with Edit",CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_RESULT
  13. 2206.3,10029099,"Added Module from standard components library, Wizard was cloning the files then",KDA,MOLDWIZARD,ALL
  14. 2206.3,10184639,Performance creating Part Family Member with PMI table,DRAFTING,TABLES,SPREADSHEET
  15. 2206.3,10251165,Ped Pro GTR TVP not trimmed out right,KDA,GENERAL_PACKAGE,PEDPRO
  16. 2206.3,10261884,Performance from Minimally loaded to Fullly loaded is much slower than Load Full,NXMANAGER,FILE_OPEN,PERFORMANCE
  17. 2206.3,10272890,"""Arrangement and component in different parts""",ASSEMBLIES,ARRANGEMENTS,ALL
  18. 2206.3,10287905,"When creating a Formboard, ""An attempt was made to initialize an object in the """,ROUTING_ELEC,FORMBOARD_V2,CREATE_DRAWING
  19. 2206.3,10296750,"Sig11 during startup: ""NX Open call while not on the main thread""",SYSENG,NXOPEN,C++
  20. 2206.3,10299217,"Cached Mass (KG) values are unavailable despite Mass Status being ""OK""",ASSEMBLIES,WEIGHT_MANAGE,ALL
  21. 2206.3,10300214,Flat Pattern PMI bend information is missing,NX_SHEET_METAL,FLAT_PATTERN,ALL
  22. 2206.3,10301148,Create Feature Process fails in NX 2007 when using TDM interface,CAM,FEATURE_BASED,RULES_OOTB
  23. 2206.3,10304542,Dimensions are not updated correctly,DESIGN,SKETCHER,USER_FUNCTION
  24. 2206.3,10308681,Error adding progressive die wizard standard parts with Name only references,KDA,PROGRESSIVE_DIE,STD_PARTS_LIB
  25. 2206.3,10312929,nx_masterfem required for report creation in design simulation,CAE,DES_SIMULATION,REPORT_WRITER
  26. 2206.3,10317603,"Hole: Different behavior depending on CD ""Autom. Sketch on Planar Faces""",DESIGN,FEATURE_MODEL,ONE_SEL_CSYS
  27. 2206.3,10320793,Export Current Baseline command has performance issue,PCB_EXCHANGE,IDX_EXPORT,ALL
  28. 2206.3,10322953,Ped Pro windscreen instrument panel line issue,KDA,GENERAL_PACKAGE,PEDPRO
  29. 2206.3,10324901,Copy a Product Template Studio Template as New Design does not work,RSD_GENERAL,PART,EDIT_POS_METHOD
  30. 2206.3,10325366,Can't create field in identifier using parameter option,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_IDENTIFY
  31. 2206.3,10325896,Error 580009 on Save and Export PDF,SYSENG,DISPLAY,LINE_FONTS
  32. 2206.3,10328041,"Weld Advisor fails when parts attribute ""Gauge"" type is set to ""Number""",KDA,WELD_ASSISTANT,WELD_ADVISOR
  33. 2206.3,10328617,Can't save the custom symbols what link to the Product,IND_ELEC_DESIGN,ELECTRICAL,ALL
  35. 2206.3,10330653,Duplicate Submechanisms Mechatronics Control Input,CAE,MOTION,CO_SIM_CONTROLS
  36. 2206.3,10330778,Step export leaves out surface,TRANSLATOR,STEP_AP214,IMPORT_GEOMETRY
  37. 2206.3,10331451,Ped Pro gtr mls 1700 customer default angle and translation values not applied,KDA,GENERAL_PACKAGE,PEDPRO
  38. 2206.3,10331606,NX Open issue to get Parameter Table names,DESIGN,EXPRESSION,PARAMETER_TABLE
  39. 2206.3,10332348,"libpidopencpp.lib file is missing, which is needed for NXOpen::PID functionality",P&ID_DESIGNER,MISCELLANEOUS,ALL
  40. 2206.3,10332468,Using modeless UI with WinForms or WPF throws Sig11,SYSENG,NXOPEN,.NET
  41. 2206.3,10332500,Ped Pro Customer Defaults,KDA,GENERAL_PACKAGE,PEDPRO
  42. 2206.3,10332795,Wrong temps exported from external time unassigned temp load,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_RESULT
  43. 2206.3,10334834,"Movements of attributes in the hierarchy after the execution of the ""PIDTCLibrar",P&ID_DESIGNER,LIBRARY,SYMBOL_AUTH
  44. 2206.3,10334935,Memory Access Violation when Creating Drawing,PMI,TABLES,CORE
  45. 2206.3,10335547,CAE Preparation does not take stiffener boundary definition into account,SHIP_DESIGN,TOOLS,CAE_PREPARATION
  46. 2206.3,10335774,Simulation Object using Text Symbol very difficult to select,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,BOUNDARY_COND
  47. 2206.3,10336122,virtual curve measuring Problem,DESIGN,INFO_ANALYSIS,MEASURE
  48. 2206.3,10337883,NX P&ID Performance Issue - Create new Connection with Specification in Run,P&ID_DESIGNER,DESIGN_CONTEXT,ALL
  49. 2206.3,10337901,NX P&ID Performance Issue - Edit Specification while inactive (65 min),ROUTING_GENERAL,REUSE_LIBRARY,CLASSIFICATION
  50. 2206.3,10337926,NX P&ID Performance Issue - Open branch in run navigator,P&ID_DESIGNER,NAVIGATOR,RUN_NAV
  51. 2206.3,10338693,"Simcenter Motion: ""An invalid type was encountered""",CAE,MOTION,FLEX_BODY_SC
  52. 2206.3,10338942,Electrode Drawing fails with odd message 'Transformation is not valid',KDA,ELECTRODE_DESGN,DRAWING
  53. 2206.3,10340609,It should be possible to dissolve several groups at once,KDA,FEATURE2COST,MOLDING_COST
  54. 2206.3,10341117,"Signal 11, Internal error in basic design plate when updating",SHIP_DESIGN,BASIC_DESIGN,GENERIC_PLATE
  55. 2206.3,10342908,Internal errors / hang exporting a Nastran input file,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,BOUNDARY_COND
  56. 2206.3,10343893,Measurements of manually created sliders are deleted unwanted,KDA,FEATURE2COST,MOLDING_COST
  57. 2206.3,10343897,Selection is not working as expected.,KDA,FEATURE2COST,MOLDING_COST
  58. 2206.3,10344417,Grouping of undercuts with different slide directions,KDA,FEATURE2COST,MOLDING_COST
  59. 2206.3,10346411,Error setting up co-sim,CAE,MOTION,CO_SIM_CONTROLS
  60. 2206.3,10346522,Can't create an instance of the NXOpen.TDP.AttributesToExcludeBuilder class,TECH_DATA_PKG,PUBLISH,CORE
  61. 2206.3,10347935,Auto/cross power displays,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_APPL_SPECI
  62. 2206.3,10349465,"Graph Window, not maximized, copy image: there comes a black bar below the image",CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,XYDescription
  63. 2206.3,10349785,PR - Error stress averaging when specifying feature angle,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_RESULT
  64. 2206.3,10350198,PTS template part is not cloned,RSD_GENERAL,PART,EDIT_POS_METHOD
  65. 2206.3,10350373,Creation#99Failed to cut hemming part in Creation Automation /,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,FE_ASSY_VRTICAL
  66. 2206.3,10350624,Wrong contour while average,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_DISPLAY
  67. 2206.3,10351575,"Copying a template as a new design only opens the template, not a copy.",RSD_GENERAL,PART,EDIT_POS_METHOD
  68. 2206.3,10353840,Pattern feature is not created when [Plane Translucency] is turning off.,SYSENG,DISPLAY,LINE_FONTS
  69. 2206.3,10353979,Internal Error after Finish Sketch,DESIGN,SKETCHER,EDIT_CURVE
  70. 2206.3,10355003,JT cause error when loading Assembly to NX,VISVIEW,DIRECTMODEL,CORE
  71. 2206.3,10357624,Closing notification with x turns parts blue until session is closed,SYSENG,UI_TOOLS,UI_TOOLS
  72. 2206.3,10357973,Null pointer error after selecting csys.,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_RESULT
  73. 2206.3,10357975,Sort and Filter option is missing for Result CSYS on Right click if all CSYS are,CAE,ADV_SIMULATION,POST_RESULT