1. This is emulator only. Until Waves updates all plugins to V11 compatible,
  2. we won't release our special build. We recommend you to stay our last V10
  3. release unless you really need V11. Check the official Release Note yourself
  4. to see if you need V11 update or not.
  5. The biggest issue is that StudioRack, MultiRack, SoundGrid Studio are not
  6. compatible with V11 plugins in the current version. If you have project
  7. working with StudioRack plugin, stay V10. Update will come in this year.
  8. https://www.waves.com/downloads/release-notes
  9. Legit installer has lots of installing issue, unrequired files, and lacks of
  10. many WPAPI plugin which is available in our custom release.
  11. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. First of all, none of previous Waves V11 uploads are working.
  13. We saw lots of "Incl VR Patch" taggged uploads for Windows in P2P,
  14. but it just includes our emulator taken from our last V10 release.
  15. Try unpacking that "Patch" yourself and you can see our small DLL emu.
  16. 100% coded by R2R from scratch and nothing related to VR.
  17. Our last emu contains license only for V10 and below, and it lacks the
  18. license info for new plugins. Most plugins are working with old emu but
  19. some others does not even launch. They are not tested by uploaders at all!
  20. These are tagged as "VR" by $$$ making uploaders to avoid the restriction
  21. "R2R releases are not allowed to be ripped". Once again they show how those
  22. ripped work does not work well. Non of those uploaders test it (if they run
  23. each Waves product at least one time, they can find at least one serious
  24. issue).
  25. NOTE : the only real VR release "Waves Complete v11.0" contains their own
  26. crack but not working as we mentioned in our previous Waves releases. Same
  27. issue since the beginning.

Complete v11 Emulator ONLY WiN

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