1. UnderRail v1.0.0.10 Update changelog:
  2. -------------------------------------
  3. Version
  4. Fixed the bug that would cause total carried weight to not be updated immediately when stacking items in the utility slots
  5. Fixed the bug that would cause grenades to sometimes be thrown through walls when they miss their initial marks
  6. Enemies that die from the burning effect from incdendiery bombs will no longer count towards "Fire and Ice" achievement
  7. Fix the bug that caused the player to sometimes not be able to attack back in melee when rooted (while still getting attacked in melee)
  8. Fire and other environmental effects will now properly despawn between arena matches (instead of becoming invisible)
  9. Chemical agent is now completely immune to acid and acid puddles
  10. Fire from any source will now properly trigger volatile objects (mines and the like)
  11. Jawbone crossbow no longer claims it can be unloaded somehow
  12. Boot spring made more common
  13. Boot spring now provides more extra movement points*
  14. Tabi boots extra base real-time movement speed bonus reduced but it now scales with material quality*
  15. Auto function on the bartering window will now prioritize SGS credits for merchants that accept them
  16. Increased the duration of foods to 20 minutes
  17. Fire and acid will now run out eventually even if you're not in the area
  18. Auto-attack command in quick invoker / action bar will now be properly disabled in turn-based mode if you don't have enough action points
  19. Fixed the bug that would in certain cases allow game to resume while the option screen is still open after rebinding a key
  20. Fixed the Deep Worm loot generation issue that caused all the worms to give out the same loot
  21. Fixed the bug that would cause certain respawning entities to always drop the same loot
  22. Giant grubs are now resistant to acid
  23. Fixed wrong music playing in the Mushroom Forest
  24. Fixed being able to repeatedly report to Jack Quicksilver that you've finished his missions
  25. Fixed Waylon's monitors not shutting down when associated cameras are destroyed
  26. Fixed being unable to pickpocket Kareem
  27. Fixed the Faceless at the blockade not behaving as they should after certain events
  28. Fixed an unreachable light switch in the player's house
  29. Fixed a minor console in DC not being usable
  30. Fixed an unusable hidden crawlspace in DC
  31. Fixed Rassophore Nevil not talking to the player after the event at RAF
  32. Typos/Grammar
  33. Various minor map fixes
  34. * Only applies to items generated/crafted after the update is applied. Will not modify existing items.
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