1. Secretariat software
  2. Secretariat software is probably the greatest secretariat letter and software archives offered in Iran. This software has become prepared and produced especially in accordance with the conditions and terms of admin correspondence in Iran. The html coding of the secretarial process under the internet is unique while using most up-to-date technology, which has managed to make it simple and easy customer-friendly.
  3. Digital indicator business office software
  4. The only secretarial software or electronic indicator workplace software is an easy but extremely effective software, which is made to deal with the secretarial issues of varied organizations and firms with many functionality, great security and easy to use. In the secretariat system, internal, incoming and outgoing letters along with its info is listed inside the program along with its images and attachments are held in the system.
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  6. The most effective secretarial software
  7. To acquire the secretariat software, use the examination listing and purchase of the secretariat software.
  8. The style of the software is based on the thoughts in excess of 200 Iranian secretariat officials and managers.
  9. The program is approved by the Higher Informatics Council and it has a lot more than 3,000 productive consumers in america.
  10. Its help services (free of charge training, support and installation) are supplied in person and on-line.
  11. The machine is completely website-includes and based 1 year of totally free assist.
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