1. Hollywood Undead - Notes From The Underground (Deluxe Edition)
  2. Label.........................: A&M/Octone
  3. Genre.........................: Rock
  4. StoreDate.....................: Jan-08-2013
  5. Source........................: CDDA
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  7. Encoding Scheme...............: Lame 3.98.4 V0 VBR Joint-Stereo
  8. Size..........................: 118.14MB
  9. Total Playing Time............: 62:15
  10. Release Notes:
  11. A&M/Octone recording artists Hollywood Undead return with their new
  12. single ôWe Areö from their forthcoming album Notes From The Underground.
  13. The song is being serviced to Modern and Active Rock Radio. "We Are"
  14. reunites the band with producer Danny Lohner [Nine Inch Nails,
  15. Puscifer], and it's an epic call-to-arms laced with gnashing guitars,
  16. lyrical jabs, and fiery beats.
  17. Johnny 3 Tears explains, "The song is about collective resistance. It's
  18. the silent majority, but we're using Los Angeles as the backdrop. Every
  19. time we work with Danny, he takes our music to the next level. He's
  20. willing to go as far outside the box as we are. As a whole, it's a good
  21. introduction to Notes From The Underground because it encompasses the
  22. band idealistically. Think of it as an ode to our misled youth."
  23. The album title is an homage to the Fyodor Dostoyevsky novelùa Johnny 3
  24. Tears personal favoriteùthe moniker alludes to what's really under the
  25. mask.
  26. "We've maintained an underground identity," Johnny 3 Tears remarked.
  27. "When we write songs, we're coming from a place people don't like to
  28. look at or talk about openly. As people get older, they get used to
  29. lying. We have a bond with so many kids because they have a trace of
  30. that honesty. They don't know how bad some things get yet. We tell them
  31. the truth."
  32. While the bandÆs roots are in the underground, the band has drawn
  33. mainstream attention since the release of their 2008 near
  34. platinum-selling debut Swan Songs and its acclaimed 2010 follow-up
  35. American Tragedy. Swan Songs has moved well over 900,000 copies, and
  36. American Tragedy debuted on the Billboard Top 200 at #4 with first-week
  37. sales exceeding 67,000. They've played sold out headline shows all over
  38. the world as well as rousing appearances at festivals such as the UK's
  39. Download and Rock on the Range, and Epicenter.
  40. The masked Los Angeles collectiveùJohnny 3 Tears, J-Dog, Charlie Scene,
  41. Danny, Funny Man, and Da Kurlzz are excited about the release of their
  42. third album. "We stay true to who we are musically," commented Danny.
  43. "If even just one kid identifies with what we do, we've done our job.ö
  44. Notes From The Underground was produced by Griffin Boice, Sam & Sluggo,
  45. and Danny Lohner, The album emerges directly from that same place behind
  46. the curtain, underneath the veneer, and inside the darkest heart of
  47. their city. These are their Notes scribed in tears, blood, and truth.
  48. "Nothing could change us or our music," assures J-Dog. "We may change
  49. the method but not the message."
  50. This Deluxe Edition is a limited CD source and iTunes has its own bonus
  51. track. Terrible promotion.
  52. Tracklisting
  53. 01. Dead Bite 3:38
  54. 02. From The Ground 3:45
  55. 03. Another Way Out 2:47
  56. 04. Lion 3:54
  57. 05. We Are 4:34
  58. 06. Pigskin 2:41
  59. 07. Rain 3:41
  60. 08. Kill Everyone 2:52
  61. 09. Believe 4:14
  62. 10. Up In Smoke 3:39
  63. 11. Outside 4:43
  64. 12. Medicine 3:26
  65. 13. One More Bottle 3:40
  66. 14. Delish 3:08
  67. 15. New Day 3:50
  68. 16. We Are (J-Dog & Killtron Remix) 4:36
  69. 17. Another Way Out (Griffin Boice Remix) 3:07
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