1. Real Estate Lead Generation - Why Smart ZIP Code Marketing Can Increase Your Sales
  2. <p>Cold Calling. Door knocking. And all you know for sure that those 2 strategies will not generate a stable and healthy pipeline of leads. After interviewing many successful real estate agents and most successful coaches. have summed up a list of 21 realtor lead generation strategies which include crazy and highly effective new but working tactics.</p>
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  4. <p>o As Realtors we are experts at cold calling. We know exactly what works to get people to contact us. That is what makes our small agency business successful. When our agents really do get a call, they always make sure they take the time to listen carefully to what the caller wants, then give them what they want more, and best of all they never say no.</p>
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  6. <p>o One of the biggest mistakes that agents make is contacting every lead they have. This is usually the worst thing you could ever do to your bottom line. You need to build a relationship first before selling any property. By building a relationship with your leads you are able to sell them the right thing at the right price, and you also develop a relationship with them so when they want to buy a house or invest in an investment you are always their first choice.</p>
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  8. <p>o Using SmartZip could improve your real estate leads. SmartZip can be considered as one of the best CRM software around. With this service, you could send email follow-ups and broadcasting to your leads. You are able to collect valuable data from your leads through this great service. When this data is used, you can determine how you could improve your services to better serve your clients. For example, you might find out that the price that you are charging your clients is too high and it could affect your sales.</p>
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  10. <p>o Most of the real estate agents make the mistake of not creating a good relationship with their clients. By doing this, most agents end up losing all the valuable leads that they could have easily gained. By building a good relationship with your clients, you are actually increasing your chances of generating leads. You are even given the chance to communicate with them better and solve their problems. When you build a good relationship with your clients, they will trust you and will continue to transact with you.</p>
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  12. <p>o One of the reasons why SmartZip could improve your real estate lead generation company is because it provides all the tools that you need for lead generation. It includes message boards, video conferencing, mailing list, and website. All these services are greatly useful for sellers. For example, if you want to attract a buyer's attention, you can post videos on YouTube and inform the viewers how wonderful the house is that the agent is selling.</p>


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