1. Since KORG Collection v2.0, every installation will be done by KORG Software
  2. Pass (Online). Current version of the software does not call Software Pass
  3. to acquire the license ("Activate" button in the plugin does not work in the
  4. current version!).
  5. Due to that change, this v1.0.1 update of our emulator supports manual
  6. activation. Just install and run once! When KORG fixes the strange behavior
  7. of the activation, we will bring the update again.
  8. Although KORG Collection v2.0 (and Software Pass) does not support 32bit
  9. version anymore, our emulator still suports the old version for the
  10. compatibility reason.
  11. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. KORG apps uses MAC Address for the authorization. You don't need to be
  13. connected to the internet but you need a valid network card.
  14. You can remove old licenses by removing
  15. %PROGRAMDATA%\KORG\Collection\CP\licenses.txt

KORG Software Pass Emulator v1.0.1 WiN-R2R

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