1. Important News You Need To Read Before You Consolidate STUDENT EDUCATION LOANS!
  2. You are paying a significant amount of for your Federal student education loans, and your fed up with never having extra cash on hand for the things you would like to be doing, and feeling a bit disillusioned about what life after graduation will be like. Your not alone! Millions of College Graduates are having exactly the same feelings, facing exactly the same fears, and wondering what in the world happened. It wasn't supposed to be like this! You could have had wide eyed visions of dinner parties and eating out. Driving a good car and climbing your way up the corporate ladder. But it takes time to climb the ladder of success and for the time being, once you graduate, your education loan grace periods commence to expire and before you know it, your deep in debt and in the red each month with no bling left over for any of those things you looked forward to having the capacity to do. So you work and you scrimp and you save, but now the payments are behind and the service charges and late fees are adding up and you are not earning enough yet to make up for it. So what happens now you ask?? STOP... that's what festival and listen closely if you need this seemingly endless circle to avoid so that you can catch your breath.
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  4. Have you ever considered the possibility of consolidating your student education loans? When you consolidate, you take all your student loan payments and combine them into one new consolidated education loan, one with a lower payment total than everything you had been paying. The most typical reason graduates choose to go this route would be to lock in a fresh loan with a much lower interest rate, which in turn creates more cash flow for you each month and more cash on hand for other expenses you'd much rather be spending your dollars on. Choosing to consolidate your student loans can save you around 63% from everything you were paying for your student loans ahead of consolidating. If this sounds like something you might consider doing, I hate to pressure you, nevertheless, you must be aware that for anyone who is in fact thinking of consolidating your student loans, you must act fast and research your facts to locate a reputable lender and apply immediately because come July 1st 2006, only a short time from now, the Government can do it's yearly student loan interest adjustment and students all across the US are going to feel a crunch like nobody has ever felt before. And it happens this year! Up until now, this has shown little influence on those desiring to consolidate their loans.
  5. The US Senate has already announced that this is to be the single largest education loan interest rate hike we have ever seen. Federal Direct and Stafford loans alone will see a rate increase from 4.7% to 6.8% which equals ALOT of extra money flying out the window every month in interest alone! Their reason? The Senates $40 billion dollar deficit reduction plan, and the education loan industry will undoubtedly be hit the hardest. You must take action and obtain busy right now! Be sure to know what kind of student education loans you presently have (Direct loan, Stafford loan, private loans etc) and what the grace periods are for each student loan which you have and what your eligible for. Then embark on a massive hunt for the most reputable and established Lender you will discover and fill out an application so you can lock in today's low rates prior to the hammer falls on July 1st.


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