1. Business name:
  2. Community Involvement Solutions
  3. Business Addess:
  4. Suite 676/190 Oxford St
  5. Bulimba ,QLD
  6. 4171
  7. website:
  8. https://www.cisau.org.au
  9. Business Phone:
  10. 1800512140
  11. Description :
  12. A registered Charity, Community Involvement Solutions was founded on the principle of impact through collaboration. We don’t just help people; we work alongside communities and develop long-term solutions to underlying issues that are affecting its members. Many of the problems people face are the direct result of their socio-economic status. Unemployment or underemployment can severely impact a person’s quality of life, affecting their mental health, confidence and ability to support themselves and their community. We take a holistic approach to social support with the end-goal of attaining meaningful and gainful employment. Upward mobility is the cornerstone of self-fulfilment and we work one-on-one with people to identify and dismantle their personal roadblocks to achieve this objective. Through counselling, education and mentorship programs CIS help build and strengthen the support systems that are already established within the community. Only through facilitating working relationships at the local level can we can heal, grow and flourish as a society.
  13. Hours:
  14. Monday 8:30am–4pm
  15. Tuesday 8:30am–4pm
  16. Wednesday 8:30am–4pm
  17. Thursday 8:30am–4pm
  18. Friday 8:30am–4pm
  19. Saturday Closed
  20. Sunday Closed
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  34. Social Links:
  35. https://twitter.com/CommunityInvo12
  36. https://www.facebook.com/CommunityInvolvementSolutions
  37. https://www.instagram.com/communityinvolvementsolutions/
  38. https://www.linkedin.com/company/communityinvolvementsolutions