1. Backyard Plant Care - Getting Started
  2. Backyard plant care requires the use of pruning rose bushes on a regular basis to help with dormancy and to avoid deadheading. If you have pruned as a bush or group of bushes to help them achieve a final bloom that lasts for several years, they will typically do so for the next five to ten years, at which time they will have done most of their work. That's when you need to get rid of any deadheading stems so that new growth can take hold and bloom.
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  4. You can prune back the entire plant or you can do partial pruning, which means you remove some of the lower foliage to stunt the growth of the main shoot. It is recommended that you don't prune back more than half of the foliage because you will stunt the plant's overall beauty. By removing too much foliage at once, you may also cause deadheading by leaving part of the stem overgrown and hanging over low branches. When you are finished, however, you should be able to see an improvement in your roses' appearance.
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  6. You should prune your roses in the winter before you start planting out in the spring. It is not advisable to do it in the hot summer sun because that will not only damage the plant but it will make it more likely for disease to set in. Backyard plant care is easy once you learn what is needed and when. By making sure your rose bushes get the proper care in the winter, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful flowers and colorful blooms for many years to come.


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