1. xargs: WARNING: a NUL character occurred in the input. It cannot be passed through in the argument list. Did you mean to use the --null option?
  2. xargs: unmatched single quote; by default quotes are special to xargs unless you use the -0 option
  3. root's password:
  4. error: File not found by glob: U■ᄇᄀ■ᄈᆲ■ᄈᆳ￞ᅠ?■ᄈᄒ?■ᄈᆵ■ᄈツs■ᄈᄅ)■ᄈᄉ=■ᄇフ■ᄇᄄ■ᄈᄀ^■ᄈᆳ■ᄇᄊO■ᄇノ■ᄇヘ■ᄈ럐﾿■ᄇトerror: File not found by glob: ■ᄈᄆ1■ᄈᄆI■ᄇᆬ■ᄇリT■ᄈᄏ■ᄈフ￉ᄑw_
  5. ■ᄈᄄg■ᄇリ■ᄇワ%■ᄇᄂ■ᄈᄉ■ᄇミ*■ᄈᄀiPd■ᄈᅠ■ᄈᄂ■ᄈホ■ᄈᆵ■ᄇマ■ᄈᆪ=■ᄇ゙■ᄈᄆI
  6. ■ᄇヌ■ᄈヌM￴ᄊモナ■ᄈᆱ■ᄇᆬᅬᄈ>■ᄇᄋe=■ᄈᄇ`Vl■ᄈᆱ■ᄇᆳ■ᄈニwX7X■ᄇヨg■ᄈ웕■ᄈᄐ9(■ᄈᄁ■ᄈᄡᅨネd
  7. ■ᄇᆱ■ᄇᄚ￙ヨe■ᄈラ%T)■ᄈレ■ᄇᄌ;I0■ᄈ찭
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