1. New features:
  2. Added a more visible and obvious way to abort a mission and change your screen settings if they turn out to look weird.
  3. The first time you play after this patch, you’ll be asked to choose your resolution. This is a one-time thing for the benefit of anyone who’s stuck in one that doesn’t work.
  4. Added a ‘Safe mode’ resolution that should work for everyone, and which you can get to using only the keyboard if necessary (in case the current setting is so bad you can’t even click on the right buttons).
  5. Added a ‘Native mode’ resolution option that’ll detect and match your screen’s native res. Be aware, though, that anything over 1920×1200 is always going to look odd, because Gunpoint’s levels don’t actually *have* that many pixels. Something around 1280×720 usually looks better and runs smoother.
  6. Bug fixes:
  7. Fixed a thing the resolution menu was doing when switching between two non-native resolutions that I thought was clever but then turned out not to be clever and, in fact, confusing and annoying for all.
  8. Tweaked the way manual savegames work to prevent a) loading savegames from older versions and causing a crash (my fault), and b) accidentally loading a savegame from several missions ago and regretting it (your fault, but I wasn’t helping).
  9. An achievement misconfiguration caused the game to believe all players had found all laptops and defeated the final enemy in all possible ways. Understandably impressed, the game unlocked these achievements for almost everyone. Since it no longer knows your real laptop/takedown counts, I think we’ll just call this part of Conway’s backstory and remove those achievements. Each way of dealing with the final enemy still has its own achievement.