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  2. Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten Update v3.4 (c) Ensemble Studios
  3. 04/2014 :..... RELEASE.DATE .. PROTECTION .......: Steam+CEG
  4. - :.......... DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE ........: RTS
  5. Note:
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  7. You do not need any other updates for this release. Changelog included in
  8. the pack, check it for a list of what's new.
  9. --
  10. Welcome to Age of Empires II HD - The Forgotten; the first new official
  11. expansion for the Age of Empires II universe in over ten years. Challenge
  12. friends with five additional civilizations and technologies, battle through
  13. four campaigns, vanquish opponents in new game modes on massive maps, or
  14. shoutcast a match and stream it all through twitch.tv.
  15. Crafted exclusively for Age of Empires II: HD Edition; The Forgotten
  16. expansion builds upon the Age of Empires II: HD experience and includes
  17. Steam workshop support, new expansion rankings, steam trading cards, and
  18. more!
  19. Explore a host of new features with Age of Empires II - The Forgotten
  20. including Five New Civilizations:
  21. * Italians - Set sail to Venice and take the role as general in one of the
  22. Italian republics that emerged from the chaos after the collapse of the
  23. Roman Empire!
  24. * Indians - Put vast armies under your command, comprised of countless
  25. Camels and powerful Elephants.
  26. * Slavs Even after the dissolution of the Mongolian Golden Horde, these
  27. icy planes of Eastern Europe still echo under the thundering hooves and
  28. countless boots of your soldiers.
  29. * Magyars - Lead the mighty Black Army over the Hungarian plains and
  30. commandthe fiercest cavalry forces that Europe has ever witnessed in the
  31. Middle Ages
  32. * Incas - Lead your armies along the shores of Lake Titicaca, defend your
  33. wealth and heritage from the invading Conquistadors and erect mighty
  34. structures to withstand the test of time.
  35. Four New Campaigns :
  36. * Alaric: The trauma of the Hun invasion in the 4th century has shaped
  37. Alaric, the fearsome warrior king of the Goths. But can the beloved king
  38. secure a new homeland for his people in the territory of the collapsing
  39. Roman Empire?
  40. * Sforza: Always hungry for glory and wealth, Sforza wanders around 15th
  41. century Italy, offering his services to the highest bidder. Will he pick
  42. the right battles or make the wrong enemy? Take the fate of the young
  43. mercenary captain in your hands.
  44. * Bari: 400 years after the collapse of the Roman Empire, Italy is still up
  45. for grabs. Relive the tale of the port city Bari from the point of view of
  46. a Byzantine family, rising from the common soldiery to the nobility.
  47. Beware, for not only Bari is at stake, but also control of Southern Italy.
  48. * Dracula: History forged an incredible legend around the man who ruled
  49. Wallachia in the mid-14th century. Holding his ground against the vast
  50. armies of the expanding Ottoman Empire, his cruel tactics made him the
  51. most feared man in all of Eastern Europe. Shall his thirst for blood and
  52. the loyalty of his soldiers hold the Turks back for good?
  53. - New LudaKRIS map size
  54. - Twitch.tv streaming integration
  55. - Spectator mode
  56. - New Game Modes:
  57. * Treaty - Popularized in later titles, the economically focused "Treaty"
  58. gametype will be available in AoF. Also commonly known as "No Rush",
  59. Treaty mode enables a limited duration of battle-free early growth
  60. before focusing on military might.
  61. * Capture the Relic - For a quick paced, action oriented battle the new
  62. "Capture the Relic" will see players rushing with their monks to take
  63. control of a single treasure and return it safely to base.
  64. 1. Unrar.
  65. 2. Install the update to where you installed the game.
  66. 3. Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack directory on the image to
  67. your game install directory.
  68. 4. Play the game.
  69. 5. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT!
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