1. The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing v1.2.72B Changelog:
  2. Major changes include:
  3. Balance changes
  4. - Defense, Parry and Dodge are now working even if you are being held by a spell.
  5. - Mines placed by enemies were nerfed.
  6. - Cooldown for Ghastly Shape is reduced for the Hunter class but not for the Thaumaturge.
  7. Fixed bugs
  8. - Enemy in Tunnels quest no longer gets stuck if you complete the Lair Siege before accepting it.
  9. - The Dark Alchemist quest no longer gets stuck if you talked with the NPC before killing the ghouls.
  10. - There were some errors in the Active Quest text space calculation.
  11. - Masteries of Clearshot, Aura of Counterbalance and Barrier have been fixed.
  12. - Rampage aura no longer appears twice, if the mastery is active and the first mastery now affects the second mastery.
  13. - You can no longer write [] characters in chat (it would break the formatting).
  14. - Fixed the chat coloring bug.
  15. - You can now start neverending story if you are level 30 even if you haven't finished the story mode.
  16. - Infinite glory level bug is now fixed.
  17. - Critical damage multiplier is now fixed to 400% (instead of 500%)
  18. - Fixed a bug with the glory leveling. Sometimes you got reward twice for one level up.
  19. - FixQuest 17 for those who can't complete the Ritual quest for Saffi.
  20. - The character no longer moves if you press an unassigned action key.
  21. - Mines no longer explodes when destroyed before activating.
  22. - From now on, you get magic item find bonus for playing Nerverending Story.
  23. - From now on, you get Glory XP for every 50 XP you would normally get from quest rewards. (E.g. for a 400 XP quest, you get 8 Glory point.)
  24. - Difficulty, NG+, Player count bonuses now applies to summoned allies too.
  25. - NG+ modifiers now applies to sigils, and other objects.
  26. - Harpies in the Scarecrow bossfight no longer spawn inside the Scarecrow.
  27. - Fixed some Damage Over Time skills' damage.
  28. - Fixed the Hunters Rejuvenation aura, and the tooltip.
  29. - Enemy objects (sigils, mines, etc.) now have a higher priority than monsters when selecting a target.
  30. - Fixed a bug where HP potions restored mana too.
  31. - Your character no longer loses the targetted enemy if you cast an instantly castable spell (e.g. Arcane Healing).
  32. - Fixed a potential crash on map change.
  33. Thaumaturge
  34. - Monsters now properly attack other monsters under the effect of the Control spell.
  35. - Mind Blast now works properly.
  36. - When using the Control spell, the controlled monster's max hp usually changed for the duration of the spell. This issue has been fixed.
  37. Multiplayer
  38. - Fixed the Dodge, Defense and Resist effects in PVP
  39. - Fixed the effects of the shrines on the Pocket Realm Battle Royale map
  40. - The name of the server can now be only 80 characters long (too long names crashed the game).
  41. - There is now an assist system in the Battle Royale. If you didn't make the final blow, but damaged the target within 10 secs, you get half of the score.
  42. - In PVP, you can now get the killing score, even if a neutral monster done the killing blow, if you hit the target within 10 secs.
  43. - Fixed a bug where Auto Drink Potion function ignored the potion cooldown in Battle Royale.
  44. - Being invited or joining a friend no longer bypasses the normal limitations to joining a game like level limits or Hardcore incompatibility.
  45. - Hardcore characters no longer die permanently in PVP mode.
  46. - Fixed some errors that could prevent updating of HP in some special cases.
  47. - Fixed a bug where the critical damage animation didn't play correctly in some cases
  48. - Lobby window no longer remains visible after you have been disconnected.
  49. - Quiting and returning to the lobby will now clear previous messages.
  50. - Kick/Ban/Steam Profile now works in the lobby
  51. - Self-Winding for the Pocket Mechanoid now works correctly on the client side too.
  52. - The effect of Pocket Mechanoid should now properly appear on the client side.
  53. Mac
  54. - "Old town" and "Abandoned Research Laboratory" map related crashes fixed.
  55. - Sound related artifacts and crashes fixed.
  56. - Memory related crashes fixed.
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