1. How to manually patch SSV2 files:
  2. -Find your game on http://abgx360.net/verified.php (THE XEX CRC MUST MATCH)
  3. -Click on the little blue number on the very far right (NOT the Title ID)
  4. -Download a SS and DMI combination. It doesn't matter which as long as they are from the same row and the SS Version is 2
  5. In Options:
  6. -UN-check "Verify if stealth passes"
  7. In Manually Patch or Extract Files:
  8. -Check "Patch even if stealth passes"
  9. -Check "Patch DMI" then load the DMI file
  10. -Check "Patch SS" then load the SS file
  11. If you want to save these settings for future use, press Ctrl+S and name it "SSV2 Patching" or whatever.
  12. -Click Launch. If done right it should say that the patching was successful.
  13. -You can skip the Game CRC check during this part if you want.
  14. -After patching, run it again on regular settings and it should look normal.