1. shathayu design house
  2. A beautiful and innovative design ensures that your living room is cool.
  3. The Greeks who lived during Hellenistic times constructed magnificent building entrances, adorned with crown-like embellishments and supported by uplifting columns. A portico was seen in ancient antiquity as a show of wealth and rank. The property also improved the social standing of the householder and offered needed respite from heat.
  4. The portico has been utilised by rich people for ages, but this is now normal. Outdoor areas, like porches, loggias, verandas, or balconies, provide a weather cover and a relaxing and windy place.
  5. Building an indoor room for an outdoor area
  6. The outdoor shelters (or rooms) are supposed to be flexible. We will also set up kitchens, living rooms, and bars so that we may spend as much time outside as possible. These house improvements not only contribute to the house's everyday function, but are made with elegance. Our houses are extensions of our own style in our courtyards and porches.
  7. Improve your home's value by adding an outside space.
  8. Outdoor space envelopes
  9. Add a comfortable sitting area to the roof and turn the space into a beautiful and functional outside area.
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  12. On the other hand, your activities are not justified by the lack of money. These structures also offer value because of the rise in property values. Permanent structures such as cabanas, tiki bars, shelters, and pergolas not only offer us a spot to enjoy the yard, but also create value through their usefulness.
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  14. Loggia is my name.
  15. <img width="431" src="https://shathayudesignhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/1552647432443-864x720-640x480.jpg" />
  16. An outdoor dining area
  17. It's usually more enjoyable to eat outdoors, so when you do, everything tastes better.
  18. It is reviving, as more and more individuals find use and advantage in it. Homes in recent developments have constructed porches on the back of the home with screened balconies. Many consumers ask for home-based heating systems, such as those with the length of the ceiling radiant heating. These outdoor &quot;rooms&quot; are most frequently outfitted with fireplaces, TVs, wet bars, and food and recreational areas due to the three seasons, and they may be accessed in one room.
  19. Fortunately, building and manufacturing industry players are enthusiastic about the present rise in outdoor furniture, furnishings, accessories, and technology and are creating new and interesting items.
  20. Learn how to manage a cabana
  21. summer house next to the pool
  22. Even though the cabana has no pool, it certainly has a bar and a patio where guests may enjoy the weather.
  23. Is it an advertisement? A vestibule room? Storage of the battery? All in that additional bit. You don't need a pool for non-watery beverages. Sanitary and electrical services provided by professionals can turn even a little space into a pleasant, welcoming, and attractive outdoor paradise.
  24. The sunset is about to come.
  25. Outdoor arbour fire pit
  26. The water-resistant sofas and cushions were located around the fire pit.
  27. It's a great choice to install a fireplace, pizza oven, or outdoor fireplace if your city allows it. You may create an open-air roof terrace with some comfy chairs and hang up a pergola to view the stars with a fire or cook a big pizza in the open-air.
  28. Is best residential architects in hyderabad or a building?
  29. She trickled and kept the yard in order.
  30. Tool-shed? No. In the middle of the day, she found a lovely place in the shade to cool off.
  31. Gardening equipment must now be stored for days in the garden shed in order to prevent you from finding out if it is used as a shed. An existing shed is nowadays very popular for people who wish to convert it into a small garden retreat. Home designers have worked hard to convert small rooms into full mini-homes with furniture, storage, and running water and electricity above their sleeping areas.
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  33. In the shed was a golden yellow dog.
  34. <img width="462" src="https://shathayudesignhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/1574157989111-960x600-640x480.jpg" />
  35. A quiet place for your own benefit, like a meditation facility.
  36. A shelter helps you remain outside for longer, whether you use it as a studio, a workshop or even a shed. Everything in which you invest, whether it's a building or a healthy one, will gain both monetary and lifespan. Since the street lights will be on shortly, walk outside and remain there till the lights come on.


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