1. Saving:
  2. Fixed an issue where doors did not save their rotation and locking. This should fix the issue where you could get stuck behind a locked door.
  3. There seems to be some sort of memory leak somewhere on the saving and this is causing all sorts of problems. We are investigating the problem. Once this is solved we believe it will help alot with the saving situation.
  4. Achievements:
  5. Fixed an issue where player was able to get MJ achievement in game but did not get it on steam. If you had it in-game then you should now get it on steam too.
  6. Fixed an issue with smoking kills achievement.
  7. Input:
  8. Fixed an issue where changing movement buttons did not change Mind control and Object control movements.
  9. Fixed an issue where some controllers made the camera spin around.
  10. Other:
  11. Fixed an issue where items suddenly appeared on the players head and killed him.
  12. Fixed an issue where mind controlled person could not walk well on the road.
  13. Fixed some issues with cremate. Effects should be much more lightweight.
  14. Fixed an occluder problem where some of the environment was not visible. (ex. Level 5)
  15. Fixed the sprinkler cover breaking in level 3. You can now use it even after loading.
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