1. Update 11736
  2. - the Lighthouse final spotlight bug has been fixed (you should now be able to target the stage in all instances)
  3. - the random Japanese in the pause menu has been removed
  4. Update 11534
  5. - added Russian localization (subtitles/UI)
  6. Update 11221
  7. - Fixed dashing, jumping and low framerates getting you stuck in objects. (Most significant fix - big change to prevent getting stuck inside objects.)
  8. - Fixed dashing from wedging you into geometry at low framerates.
  9. - Fixed getting stuck in the ground or objects while shifting out. This should fix:
  10. - Issues where the player could get stuck inside bDetailGeometry meshes. (Random stuff lying around the place.)
  11. - Cinema skip issue. (Sorry speedrunners, we will look into preserving the previous patch, but not right now.)
  12. - Fixes lantern issues. (When lighting changes shift you out of shadows.)
  13. - Fixes issues with getting stuck on dynamic actors. (Eg boxes.)
  14. - Game now displays the walking animation when stuck in a stable configuration while falling. (No more t-pose, unless you're still falling.)
  15. - Allow jumping in that case to help the player get out of the collision. (Ie, you can now jump out of most spots in the world. Together, this plus the previous change mean you can jump out of areas that you would have been stuck in previously.)
  16. - Map ESCAPE to Backspace in the menus. (Don't think we don't listen! It won't show in the in-game UI though.)
  17. - Fix going through walls (getting out of the map) and stop dash from going through shadows. (Big gameplay change - you no longer go into shadows automatically at the end of a dash. You can still manually shift once you've finished your dash.)
  18. - Fix for the box falling on the player's head and floating in space. (Should now just land on Dawn's head, but you'll be able to just walk away and the box will fall.)
  19. - Fix Carousel luminary loading/persistence problem. (This fixes the situation where you could play the Carousel, not complete it, complete the other two attractions, but then not be able to restart the Carousel.)
  20. - Removed critical section in ShadowFiltering TickPostProcess. (Some sort of magic voodoo that helps low framerate shadow collision detection.)
  21. - Fixed rare crash at the end of the hotel on machines playing on low graphical settings. (If you persistently crashed at the end of Act 1 before, you now won't.)
  22. - Work around rare crash when NULL is passed to ACPhysicsPawn::Dismount() (More magic voodoo. Seriously, I don't understand this one at all.)
  23. - Fix rare multi-thread crash on map change.
  24. - Allow single-threaded (in-process) shader compilation on Shipping PC Builds. (Fixes the game not starting on a number of select machines).
  25. Update 11173
  26. - Autosettings improvement
  27. - V-Sync enabled by default
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