1. Finally, StudioRack is updated to V11. Time to release as we promised :)
  2. * No Waves Central installation.
  3. * Simplified R2R installer.
  4. * Including all Waves products except Tracks Live.
  5. * Instrument Libraries are not included.
  6. Check our other releases.
  7. * Simple effective licenser emulation. Works faster than legit.
  8. Waves dropped support WPAPI v1.x. Third party WPAPI plugins like Flux,
  9. PluginAlliance, SmartEQ Live, Sonnox does not work. When they are updated we
  10. will include them again.
  11. https://www.waves.com/support/soundgrid-compatible-third-party-plugins
  12. "Please note: SuperRack, eMotion LV1 v11 and v10 applications support 64-bit
  13. plugins only, and therefore do not currently support third-party plugins.
  14. SoundGrid-compatible plugins by other manufacturers will be supported in the
  15. future, pending the manufacturers' schedule. eMotion LV1 v9 and MultiRack
  16. still support all of the plugins below."
  17. For the people who want to stick with WavesCentral, create Waves account
  18. and install what you need with WavesCentral, and use our emulator.
  19. Waves.Complete.v2020.05.12.Emulator.Only.READ.NFO-R2R
  20. https://magesy.blog/software/complete-v11-12-05-2020-emulator-only-win-read-nfo-r2r.html
  21. We have read some comments "I just need one or two plugs blah blah" but that
  22. means Waves is not for them. Waves is optimized to work with many Waves Plug
  23. Instance. If you are considering running just few instance, try to get rid of
  24. Waves and find alternative plugins. You can check yourself how many DLLs are
  25. loaded and how many files are read and written to load just one C1 plugin.
  26. Therefore we provide full installation only with good compression and faster
  27. installation.

Complete v11.28.05.2020 Incl Emulator WiN-R2R

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