1. ,,T..E..A..M ...D..V..T.,,
  2. ....P R E S E N T S....
  3. Apple iMovie v2.0
  4. iPhone iPod Touch iPad
  5. Released on 12/16/13 for exclusive usage by
  6. members of the release scene. This isnt something
  7. to share with your school mates and not for sale.
  8. Go and ask mommy to buy this app if you like it!
  9. Company ..: Apple
  10. Url ......: http://tinyurl.com/kvv6uqk
  11. Release Information
  12. iMovie puts everything you need to tell your story
  13. at your fingertips, with a beautifully streamlined
  14. interface and Multi-Touch gestures that let you
  15. enjoy your videos like never before. Browse your
  16. video library, quickly share favorite moments, and
  17. create beautiful HD movies and Hollywood-style
  18. trailers. And with iCloud, you can enjoy them in
  19. iMovie Theater on all your devices.
  20. Quickly browse and share video
  21. Enjoy your video library in the full-screen Video
  22. browser
  23. Easily share a clip or a portion of a clip
  24. Use simple playback controls to review clips in
  25. slow motion or fast forward
  26. Mark favorite moments to easily find them later
  27. Make Hollywood-style trailers
  28. Choose from 14 trailer templates with stunning
  29. graphics and original scores by some of the world's
  30. top film composers
  31. Customize movie studio logos, cast names, and
  32. credits in the Outline
  33. Select the best videos and photos for your
  34. trailer with the help of animated drop zones in the
  35. Storyboard
  36. Add content from your library or record new
  37. footage right into your trailer
  38. Create beautiful HD movies
  39. Choose from eight unique themes with matching
  40. titles, transitions, and music
  41. Add videos and photos from your library or shoot
  42. directly into your timeline
  43. Enhance your movie with slow motion,
  44. picture-in-picture, and split-screen effects
  45. Create a soundtrack using built-in music and
  46. sound effects, songs from your iTunes library, and
  47. even your own narration
  48. Fine-tune your soundtrack with powerful audio
  49. controls including trim, split, duplicate, and fade
  50. Watch anywhere with iMovie Theater
  51. Fill iMovie Theater with beautiful posters as you
  52. share clips, movies, and trailers
  53. Tap any poster to watch full screen
  54. Access iMovie Theater on all your devices with
  55. iCloud
  56. Enjoy on your HDTV with iMovie Theater on Apple
  57. TV
  58. Share on the web, at home, and with friends
  59. Share via Mail and Messages
  60. Publish directly from iMovie to YouTube,
  61. Facebook, Vimeo, and CNN iReport
  62. Use AirPlay to wirelessly stream videos to your
  63. HDTV with Apple TV
  64. Send video clips and editable iMovie projects to
  65. friends with AirDrop
  66. AirPlay is compatible with the second-generation
  67. Apple TV or later.
  68. AirDrop is available on iPhone 5 and later, iPad
  69. (4th generation) and later, iPad mini and later,
  70. and iPod touch (5th generation) and requires an
  71. iCloud account.
  72. Install Notes
  73. 1. Unpack & Install
  74. Group Notes
  75. Currently, we have open positions to fill:
  76. - You are a advanced cracker, and you are
  77. interested to work on challenging software
  78. protections, including retail (non public)
  79. supplies, and/or iso utils.
  80. You are familar with the common crypto
  81. algorithms, or you are able to defeat commercial
  82. software protection systems, such as Armadillo,
  83. ASProtect, FlexLM, etc.
  84. - You work at a software distribution place,
  85. electronic store, software magazine, or any other
  86. place where you are able to get fresh, unreleased
  87. copies of applications, be it the mainstream, or
  88. the more special stuff. Or if you have access in
  89. any other way to registered user areas or such to
  90. obtain retail software, which you are able to give
  91. as a supply - be it for internal use only, or for
  92. release usage.
  93. - You work at a ISP, University or any other company
  94. with at least 50mbit up/down and are able to
  95. provide/share this connection for our usage.
  96. People with an upstream below 50mbit do not need
  97. to apply.
  98. - You are able to provide hardware for our internal
  99. usage.
  100. - You are useful in any other way.
  101. If one of the above fits your qualifications, do
  102. not hesitate to contact us by mail/msn at:
  103. when contacting via MSN, please make sure to have
  104. OTR (http://www.cypherpunks.ca/otr/) installed,
  105. Signed,
  106. - TEAM DVT -
  107. (( nFO layout by ixlover / buddha ))
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