1. ` June 24th, 2020
  2. Updated: StudioRack
  3. Added: Over 50 new StudioRack chain presets by top producers and mix engineers: Ken Andrews, Cam Blackwood, Lu Diaz, Lampadinha (Lamps), Damien Lewis, Matt Schaefer, Chris Tabron.
  4. General bug fixes:
  5. Fixed: Sessions saved with V10 plugins within StudioRack loading with default preset.
  6. Fixed: Plugins in chain deactivated when inserting a missing V10 plugin into a split rack.
  7. Fixed: Macro assignments lost when moving plugins between splits and the main chain.
  8. Fixed: Undo/Redo’s not reflected graphically on macro controls.
  9. Fixed: Red frame still visible on a plugin control after macro assignment from the control.
  10. Fixed: Macro range not updated when copy-pasting presets.
  11. Fixed: Macros assigned to parameters in the inserted plugin when a disabled plugin assigned to macros is hot-swapped.
  12. Fixed: StudioRack Input gain automation not read in Ableton Live.
  13. Fixed: Corrected automation labels for Panning and Width controls.
  14. Fixed: Some DAWs crashing when the StudioRack GUI is opened or closed with the EDIT window open.
  15. Fixed: Split chain within a split chain displaying an active sidechain by default.
  16. Fixed: Rack identifier added to floating plugin frame.
  17. SoundGrid Processing Mode bug fixes:
  18. Fixed: Low Latency Input selection reset when loading a preset.
  19. Fixed: New automation lanes open Cubase when switching processing mode.
  20. Fixed: Constant noise when turning off StudioRack while in Input mode.
  21. Fixed: Noise when hot-swapping StudioRack Stereo to Mono in Cubase.
  22. Fixed: Short noise when closing a DAW session

` June 24th, 2020

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