1. myth:17
  2. P R O U D L Y P R E S E N T
  4. Type..........: ACTION/ADV Packager......: STP
  5. Publisher.....: UBISOFT Cracker.......: STP
  6. Supplier......: UPLAY/STP Release Date..: 07/2017
  8. STEAMPUNKS are proud to bring you GHOST RECON WILDLANDS release
  9. a real Denuvo license generator with untouched game executable.
  10. Your license will be regenerated if needed.
  11. Enjoy The Power We just gave you.
  12. To add some technical details to our keygen:
  13. -You Do NOT Need Uplay installed
  14. -You Do NOT Need EAC installed
  15. -You can play Offline
  16. -Your license will be re generated on any hardware or
  17. software change
  18. ----------------------------------------------------------------
  19. Create a team with up to 3 friends in Tom Clancy\'s Ghost Recon
  20. Wildlands and enjoy the ultimate military shooter experience set
  21. in a massive, dangerous, and responsive open world.
  22. Game includes latest updates
  23. Game includes all DLC unlocked:
  24. Tom Clancy\'s Ghost Recon Wildlands - Fallen Ghosts
  25. Tom Clancy\'s Ghost Recon Wildlands - Narco Road
  26. Game is multi language
  27. English, german, french, italian, spanish, japanese, mexican
  28. portuguese, russian
  30. 1.Unpack, burn or mount iso
  31. 2.Install the game
  32. You will have the option to copy the crack files automatically
  33. 3.Start the game by launching our Keygenerator from
  34. the desktop shortcut we created or you can manually start
  35. the game running stp-grw.exe
  36. 4.That\'s it, Enjoy the Game
  37. If you didnt choose the option to copy the crack automatically
  38. just copy the content of STEAMPUNKS on the ISO to your installed
  39. game folder.
  40. We added a little script to block Uplay connections to their
  41. servers in case you want to keep your internet on and avoid the
  42. Uplay nuisance. Offline mode should not try connecting to Ubisoft
  43. servers, so annoying. Thank you Ubisoft for not even thinking
  44. and for your nag screens about your servers not answering.
  45. Either run as admin disable_ubiservers.cmd from STEAMPUNKS folder
  46. or block the game executable in your firewall.
  48. Good Morning Vietnam. Let\'s check our shopping list.
  49. Valve Steam : Done
  50. EA\'S Origin DRM : Done
  51. Ubisoft\'s Uplay DRM : Done
  52. Denuvo Anti-Tamper : Done
  53. Easy Anti Cheat : Done
  54. Custom Triggers : Done
  55. Sex with 2 women : Done
  56. Sex with 3 women : Done
  57. Sex with a man : Done
  58. What\'s next ? Ah yes there is one left but that\'s probably
  59. too hard for us ... *cough cough*
  60. -Hallowed are the Ori, and hallowed are we;
  61. -Yea, hallowed are the children of the Ori through Them.
  62. -The power and greatness of the Ori cannot be denied
  63. -And is great knowledge, power, and understanding not enough
  64. cause to revere the Ori?
  65. -Those who seek the path of enlightenment must not be led astray;
  66. -But make yourselves one with the path, and the journey shall lead
  67. you to eternity.
  68. -Fear not the Ori, but fear the darkness that would conceal
  69. the knowledge of all things;
  70. -Believe in the truth of all things, and you shall find the path
  71. to enlightenment.
  72. -Blessed are those who walk in unison with their gods;
  73. -For ours is not to question, but to rejoice in Their service,
  74. for They are perfection.
  75. -Those who follow the path of righteousness shall be raised
  76. up high;
  77. -Yea, those who reach enlightenment shall rejoice with the
  78. Ori forever
  79. -O blessed Ori, guide us on the path, that we may triumph over
  80. the enemy of our salvation and be with you in end of ends on
  81. the planes of enlightenment.
  82. We are definitely not finished yet.
  83. [-------------------------------------------------------------------- 01/01/17-]