1. Team V.R
  2. eXTended:
  3. allow download preset from ToneCloud (also with Modern Vintage cabinets)
  4. bypassed catalog DRM encryption - now allow manual edit preset catalog file
  5. added over 1500 optimized offline presets
  6. Warning:
  7. Since the old preset catalog (if exist) will be overwritten, you can manually revert your custom presets by editing the catalog file c:\Users\%CURRENTUSERNAME%\Documents\PositiveGrid\BIAS_Amp2\GlobalPresets\cate.json
  8. But do not add too many unoptimized presets - subj has a restriction on the total volume of PNG images and when it exceeds it does not load :(
  9. A large number of presets also slow down the feedback of the interface, due to its ugly architecture - java scripts over Chrome web-engine. On the MacOS platform uses systemic web-engine Safari and therefore works a bit faster there


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