1. Just how to regulate the quality of computer system jacquard elastic band?
  2. Woven rubber band is widely made use of in garment, sports apparel, underwear, computer system jacquard flexible belt as well as various other markets, with a big amount and a wide variety, as well as it is an indispensable supporting product for numerous garment sectors.
  3. With the quick development of clothes market, if wish to create a leading brand to fulfill the expanding demand of customers for comfort & elegance apparel, the high quality requirements for computer jacquard rubber band are more and more rigorous. Clients needs for woven computer system jacquard rubber band are typically: flat, straight, flexible, cleanable, remarkable, etc. jacquard elastic band solution s simple to accomplish these needs for small production, but it is hard in big production.
  4. From the aspects of raw materials, tools, technology and also environment, this article talks about the approaches to regulate the high quality of completed products of computer-aided jacquard rubber band. For some technical demands, such as tension control, the conventional experience method of hand assessment as well as aesthetic inspection in the past has actually been transformed to an easy as well as practical examination technique, which can be quantified.
  5. Allow's merely explained the quality assurance technique of woven rubber band:
  6. 1) Resources purchase: try to utilize polyester fiber with big F number and also latex fiber with big percentage.
  7. 2) The moment and also position of the devices have to be changed precisely.
  8. 3) The stress is properly managed, the elastic product is as limited as possible, and the warp yarn is as loose as possible. The tension of elastic material is about 588cn/ 4, as well as the tension of warp is about 245cn/ 6.
  9. 4) Attempt to regulate the temperature level and also humidity between 15-30, as well as the loved one humidity in between 60-80%.
  10. Therefore, a reliable as well as possible method is discovered for small-scale business to enhance the appearance high quality of woven computer system jacquard rubber band.