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  2. NovaWorld Phan Thiet is the most popular super city around the beach nowadays having a scale of 1000 hectares of overall range. With expenditure money around 5 billion dollars USD. 70,000 chairs to the indoor Market efficiency centre. As well as 200 resources, the very first big-level application sophisticated in Vietnam. You can find 36 openings of distinctive PGA playing golf program. 25 hectares for theme park and 7km by water, 16 hectares for underwater recreation area.
  3. NovaWorld Phan Thiet is worthy of to be a real-estate that not everyone can easily own, the location where the high level group is on the very same stage, raising interactions with the super-rich. private, Quiet and absolutely safe golf villa, affirming top of the school within the Ingredient region.
  4. NovaWorld Phan Thiet totally built with 5-celebrity facilities, from several overseas businesses, overseas tournamentsOlympic and Golf, Miss Universe...
  5. The standard of item passing is concluding the hard exterior and interior. According to the investor's design, for Single villa and Semi detached products, there are trees, shrubs and lawns. There will be shrubs and lawns according to the Investor's design, as for Townhouse.
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  7. NovaWorld Phan Thiet is a task organized to create an safe, attractive, healthy, happy and vibrant place to go for a entire world-class global group. Golfing Villa can be found in the initial entire world-class PGA Golf Course in Vietnam, by using a distinctive contemporary layout from the renowned Pentago Team from France, situated in the &quot;single amp&quot; Compound part of ? ?NovaWorld task. Phan Thiet is another emphasize that you need to not overlook.
  8. Please leave information or contact us directly to receive the most detailed advice about this super project of sea project, this Phan Thiet villa, if you have a need.
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