1. Update v1.0.0.7:
  2. Version - Small Fixes
  3. Level 00_01 "First Inroduction" - now professor Brain start looking for dor key a little bit early
  4. Level 01_05 "Observatory" - Added description of how to win drone - "Hit the drone only when it’s charging on the switchboard", jump height increased
  5. Level 04_04 "Pursuit in the sky!" - collider fixed due to which it was possible to fly off from the wire, jump responsiveness improved
  6. General improvements
  7. Sparks jump responsiveness increased in all runner levels
  8. In some levels jump height increased
  9. Jump sound effects volume decreased
  10. Version - Small Fixes
  11. After some let's plays and comments from players, we found a places in the game that may be too hardcore and decided for little tweak in this update:
  12. - Level 01_03 "Household Chores" - jump height is increased, now house attic can be reached by left wall of the house, without passing through the 1st floor (kitchen, living room and garage).
  13. - Level 02_05 "Mad Tram" - became a little less hardcore
  14. - Level 03_02 "Night Jogging" - removed wire gap after first acceleration and 3 additional green lightning added
  15. - Level 03_04 "Golf in the Dark" - now sign-pointer in the middle of level shows the direction in which you should make a "leap of faith"
  16. Level 03_06 "Get out of here!" - removed wire gaps after accelerations and 3 additional green lightning added
  17. Version - Small Fixes
  18. - Level "Observatory" - you have to hit drone while he is charging only 3 time in row, not 6.
  19. - Hungarian localization - word "Rakodás" was replaced by "Betöltés"